The Green Party’s Worst Fears turned into a Horror Film

This surely has to be the worst nightmare…a Rolls Royce Phantom turned into a rally car.

A YouTube user named “TaxTheRich100”, who you may remember from a recent video containing?footage of a rare Bugatti EB110 SS, has shared a new clip with us, this time showing a 2013 Rolls Royce Phantom Series II ? yes, that’s the one?officially introduced in March?this year ? in some politically incorrect action.

By that, we mean the driver took the ?350,000 (~ ?430,000 / US$560,000), 2.6 tonne beast for a mildly destructive ride on the picturesqueBritish?countryside.

We don’t know if the park is private (very likely, as this is something all too common in the UK) or public, but the V12-monster did give the grass an uncalled for redecoration?

Well, at least we know now that the Phantom can handle itself off the road.