The Huddle


I was on The Huddle last night Larry Williams and Jock Anderson

Our topic was:


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  • I heard you on the radio yesterday as I was waiting in the mall carpark for my husband. I thought you made a good point about the effects of drugs on people, and the possibility of the Connecticut killer being on some sort of medication. I’ve not experienced it myself, but my brother has been on drugs for schizophrenia, and a man I visited in the psych ward for trying to commit suicide a number of years back was also on heavy medication that made him more than a little unpredictable. Everyone goes on about guns, but the medication aspect of these killings (if it is the case) is not mentioned at all.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Cam and Jock made good statements but I am afraid that Larry Williams has his head stuck up his backside in relation to different types of guns allowed and the laws here in NZ.