The Huddle at 1740

I am on the The Huddle with Larry Williams tonight at 5:40pm. With me will be David Farrar to take the left wing perspective:

First up Crusher isn’t apparently happy with what Justice Binnie has said in his David Bain compensation report. Clearly there has to be grounds for her to be pissed off rather than she’s just not liking that Binnie says he should get money.

Then there’s the latest polls out showing that while the Labour party might not be happy with David Shearer – clearly the public thinks that demoting David Cunliffe is the way to go.

And last but not least, NZ’s turn to host the TPP talks. Obviously whenever trade talks are held the usual rent a crowd turn up to protest.

Tune as usual and I will post the audio tomorrow morning for those who missed it.


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  • Mr_V4

    Has that report still not been filed in the rubbish Binnie? The press reports that the judge went around and did his own interview of Bain, the police detectives etc seems like he did more than simply review the case.