The need for regular, comprehensive evaluations of teachers

The teacher unions oppose any and all measures to improve ou education system. It wouldn’t matter what was proposed they will find a similar case elsewhere int he world where their fellow union mates vigorously opposed the introduction of the policy.

They seem to think they have a monopoly on ideas in education. They are wrong.

One area that they seem particularly disposed to opposing is the area of performance evaluations for teachers, and the unions world-wide oppose it:

The good news is that we do have the ability to increase teacher effectiveness. Study after study has pointed to the need for regular, comprehensive evaluations of teachers. These should include repeated class observations by administrators and other teachers, objective measures such as student test scores and regular written evaluations from fellow teachers, students and parents. But that’s only one step. It is also clear that continued employment as a teacher should be linked to effectiveness. Administrators should be given the ability to hire, fire and reward teachers based on their performance in the classroom.

Why has California not implemented these measures? The primary reason is that teachers unions have strongly opposed changes to LIFO and tenure. Not only do they value teachers’ rights over students’ rights; they also value some teachers over others. In protecting those with the most seniority, the unions are turning their backs on newer teachers. And they are also completely out of touch with what most rank-and-file teachers actually do want: a system that rewards effectiveness, encourages improvement and weeds out blatant incompetence.


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  • Allyson

    My local primary school was run as a feifdom by a rogue principle who knew she could get away with it as there was no effective ongoing performance appraisal or community involvement. Once the ministry twigged to her evil ways it took years to manage her out of the position she had cemented around her. It took another ten years after her departure for the school to reproduce excellence. My point is that educational professionals should not be allowed to run a school and that ongoing performance appraisal is vital. All educational trade Unions with their evil protection rackets can be safely ignored on this subject.

  • thor42

    There is a *guaranteed* way for National to stay in government –

    * Make Crusher Collins the Minister of Education.
    * Make teaching an “essential service” (like policing or firefighting).

    * Bring in pay-for-performance for teachers.

    * Anyone who strikes against pay-for-performance gets fired (see point 2 above).

    For goodness sake, John Key – stop *pissing around*.

    Fire Parata, get Collins in there and sort out education once and for all.

    • greatscott

      Yeah but the unions haven’t budged since forever, they’ll blow out a vein in their forehead and scream bloody murder.

      • Mediaan

        The sound of the teachers, organised outrage and spitting words in all directions, sounds to me a lot like the sound of the homosexual males lobby.