The next Korean viral craze?

This isn’t Gangnam Style that is for certain…though it probably does have some appeal for the likes of Andrew Little to master. Being an ex-union boss he would have the required shouting skills. If he gets in early he can be a trend SETTER instead of a trend follower.


This is taken from?a longer video piece?with less screaming that will be on display at the Walker Art Center in 2013.

Inspired by Bob Ross-style instructional television programs, the Seoul-based artist says “the theme of this video is the existential nature of contemporary art (and culture) as well as of artists.” Characteristic of Beom’s deadpan humor, the narrator’s demonstration shows how to apply paint while engaged in “a long scream that sounds like when you’re hurt”; “a scream induced by psychological pain”; and “a more pained, wronged, and regretful scream.”