The PPTA’s War for Mediocrity

Robin Duff recently declared war on the New Zealand government:

“PPTA will now be able to focus its energies on fighting the government’s agenda of undermining New Zealand’s public education system.

“We will campaign actively against the imposition of charter schools and the constant reductions created by quarterly funding and demand accountability for the Novopay and Christchurch Renewal Plan debacles,”

The latest international report (Timms) question just what Duff(er) and the PPTA are fighting for. They repeatedly say we should not have Charter Schools here (their one size fits all is fine) as they have them in the USA.

Well……the TIMMS reports have New Zealand achieving in the following:

Maths – below the USA at 4th and 8th grades and below the mid-point of tested countries.

Science – below the USA at 4th and 8th grades and bleow the mid-point for 4th grade.

Reading – below the USA, 23rd and with horrendous similar country comparisons.

Time for parents in New Zealand to demand better, demand innovation and for the unions to tell the truth.

The PPTA constantly tell us our education is world class…but the results show otherwise. Their War for Mediocrity is growing apace…it must be resisted.


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  • Pete George

    And the war for control. A comment at The Standard hints at what teacher unions may want:

    If I was an education union leader I would be dropping in for a quiet chat with Hekia over the break.I would make her an offer.

    “Do as we tell you for the next couple of years and we will keep you out of trouble.”

    But maybe not, the teacher unions seem to like trying to destroy National. Some really see National as their enemy – ironically accusing Government of deliberately harming education:

    Perhaps Parata is doing exactly what she was put there for: to destroy
    and degrade public education. We know the Tories want to privatise. We
    know the private providers can’t compete with the existing system: the
    quality is too high for them. Solution: reduce the quality.

    Both from

    Parata has been crap, but she has been fighting against more than her own incompetence, she has been fighting a wall of opposition from the education sector. She doesn’t seem anywhere near capable of dealing with that.

    • Greatscott1

      Reduce the quality? More then it already is?

  • Mostly_Harmless

    I’d say he’s declared war on the people of New Zealand, since the government is a democratically elected one.

  • parorchestia

    The trouble was that the CEO came from a different system – one where a good idea was taken on its face value, and not automatically rejected as is the case here. To be successful here you need the cunning of a fox, the wisdom of a Solomon, the personality of a film star, the ability to persuade of a double-glazing salesman, the patience of a saint, and the thick skin of a rhino.
    She, the CEO, had none of these although her knowledge of pedagogy was first class. Now a potentially excellent minister, Parata, is in the sights of the party who conveniently forgets that Mallard closed a lot of schools and generally messed up education by allowing the unions far too much power. He was a duffer as a Minister of Education.
    Just look at the results achieved by the independent schools compared with the state system in NCEA. A voucher system would put the acid on the state system to perform as well as the independent system does. But the false mantra that “we have one of the best public systems in the world” is not only a distortion of the truth, it also does not alert the general public to viable and better alternatives.
    And I have info from a “deep throat” that many of the problems with the pay system was incompetent data entry, perhaps deliberate? It had been used successfully in Aus, so, what happened here? Luddites at t’ mill?

  • cows4me

    PPTA, just another lefty organ infested by a plethora of useful idiots to stupid to realise their so called higher education has turn their brains to mush. Of course they want to undermine the government’s education agenda, they have their fucking own agenda. They have been brainwashed by Marxist educationalists to go out into the world and to make sure they and their ilk retain positions in the education system and premote political correctness as the new religion for our young. In their world striving to be first or better then others is to be despised, everyone is equal don’t you know. And if you can’t pull the bottom up make sure the top comes down. It’s education in mediocrity, it’s education for the masses and it’s education for a dumbed down population who will be compliant and beholding when the socialist utopia is heralded in.

  • Phar Lap

    Just heard an employment caller on Wellingtons Newstalk ZB.His company wanted ten young people just out of the education system.The company’s question, to each potential employee.What is 10% OF 100.Eight of them didn’t know.To help them further they produced little calculators,sadly they failed again.What an indictment,of Mr Plum Duff and his deliberate intention to mislead the childrens parents with his trade union Lie-bour and Red/green propaganda claiming NZ education system is first class.

  • Pete George

    A suggestion from a NZ First MP that could have merit:

    Would like to see Nikki Kaye promoted up to Minister
    of Ed. Great Chair of the Education & Science Select Committee

  • spollyike

    We need a MALE education minister! The education system at the moment is a feminist marxist utopia and breeding ground, the only one’s being “educated” are the young female teachers entering the profession. In a few short years they are fully indoctrinated with this feminist spin, revisionist ideas, PC agendas etc etc. A MALE minister would provide a shortcut over the power systems the feminists have put in place. Anyway ever since the feminists took over the education system it has gone downhill, put the men back in charge and fix it up. Hurry up too – i have a daughter starting school in a year and at this stage i am seriously considering HOMESCHOOLING!

  • GregM

    I reckon Steve Joyce could sort it out. He seems to quietly get shit done with a minimum of fuss.

  • Orange

    Meh, just sounds like a bit of bluster to me seeing as they just rolled over and asked for a tickle “members will receive a pay increase without any reductions to the current agreement.” When the union agrees to a govt proposal for pay after a whole two weeks of talks they have to put on a show of being tough.

  • Hang him

    Does PPTA, does it stand for ” Protection of Pedophiles, Troughers & Arseholes” ?

    • Bunswalla

      My nomination for Comment of the Year