The PPTA’s War for Mediocrity

Robin Duff recently declared war on the New Zealand government:

?PPTA will now be able to focus its energies on fighting the government?s agenda of undermining New Zealand?s public education system.

?We will campaign actively against the imposition of charter schools and the constant reductions created by quarterly funding?and demand accountability for the Novopay and Christchurch Renewal Plan debacles,?

The latest international report (Timms) question just what Duff(er) and the PPTA are fighting for. They repeatedly say we should not have Charter Schools here (their one size fits all is fine) as they have them in the USA.

Well……the TIMMS reports have New Zealand achieving in the following:

Maths – below the USA at 4th and 8th grades and below the mid-point of tested countries.

Science – below the USA at 4th and 8th grades and bleow the mid-point for 4th grade.

Reading – below the USA, 23rd and with horrendous similar country comparisons.

Time for parents in New Zealand to demand better, demand innovation and for the unions to tell the truth.

The PPTA constantly tell us our education is world class…but the results show otherwise. Their War for?Mediocrity?is growing apace…it must be resisted.