The Shield of Sanctimony, Ctd

The Green Taliban were on Firstline this morning criticising petrol tax increases… Turei has no shame.

The Green Party is ending this year on a high with polls showing it could possibly form a government with the Labour Party.

Co-leader Metiria Turei is buoyed by the party’s form, personally rating it as high as a 10 out of 10.

It is continuing the platform which saw it succeed in 2012 – attacking the Government – by criticising increases to petrol tax and road user charges announced yesterday.

The Greens have a series of new fossil fuel taxes in their policies… and they’re a lot bigger than anything the Government has planned. The Greens also have plans for minimum emissions standards to pass a WoF (more costs for the motorists) – and they’re against oil exploration (supply/demand).

The mainstream media really do have to stop giving the Green Taliban a free ride and letting them get away with this blatant two-faced hypocrisy.

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  • Sarrs

    When I heard of this fuel tax increase I thought surely the only criticism from the Greens would be that it didn’t go far enough. How wrong was I?

    Makes me wonder though, if they do get into government in 2014…whose policies are they going to criticise? They would make terrible coalition partners for anyone because their whole modus operandi is based on criticising any and every policy that is ever introduced. Anyone who forms a coalition government with the Greens will soon get sick of their lack of support. A Labour-Green coalition would be lucky to see a year out. Labour, reeking of desperation to get into government and stay there, will bend over backwards to keep the Greens onside and it will get very ugly very quickly. A wee spell in opposition would only serve the hone the skills of National’s top MPs and a Labour-Green government would provide plenty of cannon fodder.

    • unsol

      I wasnt surprised – they criticize all policies that dont just tax the rich!

      If the govt had said all those who drive 5 year old cars or newer have to pay the most in petrol tax they would have been all for it!

      • Greatscott1

        No, because then the “poor people of the country would be hurt the most”

        • Greatscott1

          Actually, I take that back.

          The best “Green” policy would be to discount the rego of cars less then 5 years old, and increase the rego on older ones. but the “Communist” inside the green party would call that an unfair advantage to rich people who can afford new cars.

  • Yes the real criticism the Greens have with the petrol tax increase is that the money isn’t being spent on loss making railways.

    The Greens face less scrutiny in NZ’s media than their equivalents do in the UK with the statist BBC.

    The real questions that should have been asked is:
    – Don’t you want to discourage people from driving, and doesn’t this do that?
    – Isn’t your problem with the petrol tax increase that it is being spent on roads and not railways?
    – Isn’t it more unfair that extra tax from motorists would be spent on subsidising a small minority of people using a railway in Auckland (and Wellington) rather than motorways in the most populated centres?
    – Will you reverse the petrol tax increase if you get the road building programme halted?

    Seriously, how fucking hard is it for this country to have a journalist worthy of the name.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Speaking of Railways – in December’s NZ Management magazine it lists the top performing 200 companies…

      NZ rail slips from 36th place to 42 – losing 2,305,100,000 (NZ$2.3Bn) generating a ROI of -256.9% for the tax payer.

      Yep – get Michael Cullen to chair this lemon… make him personally responsible and liable for it’s performance!

      • Gazzaw

        Cullen can get fucked BIT. His name should be expunged from this country’s history. Hypocritical bastard accepting a knighthood after fucking our economy in partnership with Clark and her girlfriend. Why he has been given financial sinecures by the current government is beyond me. Why are they buying his silence?

        • Hazards001

          Yes, the clowns financial and business acumen is that he bought a house in South Dunedin and is a glorified school teacher, outside of that his earnings have come from…ummm….oh!

        • Dave

          buying his silence or perhaps he has been sent to coventry, cheap as he cant F#*k with the country any longer

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    OK Whale Oil & Whale Army – Sheep and Norman have asked me to make this absolutely clear to you. When Labour and/or toxic Greens propose any tax, it is called “restoring social justice”. When National proposes any tax – “it is money grab”. Once you understand this basic fact of politics, life will be easier for you people.

    • Sarrs

      I know that you’re comments are always tongue in cheek but I’m actually starting to believe Labour read this blog and take your ideas seriously. I bet you could get a great job as a Labour-Green spin doctor.

      • blokeintakapuna

        ..or their only credible strategist…

    • Agent BallSack

      Hammer – meet head of nail.

  • peterwn

    It makes perfect sense – that is the beauty of co-leaders. Russell tends to represent the green side of the party while Meteria represents the hard left-wing socialist side of the party. They each spout separate policies aimed at different peanut galleries. Russell’s aim is to make inroads on the middle ground voters especially those who are frighened by glodal warming, extermination of snails near mines, etc. This is also good fund raising – such as from wealthier people (or their spouses) especially successful writers, film and TV producers etc who want to ‘save the planet’. Meteria’s aim is to pull votes away from Labour since this increases the party’s bargaining powers.

    Now the full force of Greens policies are for ‘other people’ to bear, so, while, for example they will raise the price of energy steeply, this only apoplies to ‘other people’ as beneficiaries will be ‘insulated’ from this and Green MP’s and staffers will be paid more to compensate.

  • thor42

    Useless bloody MSM, giving the Greens a free ride.

  • Phar Lap

    To prove their ramblings are genuine.they can turn down the latest pay increase.Surely some of the money coming from the so called next July 3CENTS petrol increase will supplement the close to $200,000 they get ,for forever endeavouring to sabotage the NZ economy,and getting away with it.Lets hear the Squeaky Aussie Commie Norman and fat froggie Turei step up to the plate.

  • jaundiced

    Metiria, the campaigner for social equity, set a new standard for sanctimony this morning on TV3 when Samantha Hayses asked her if she would be accepting the pay rise awarded to MPs.

    ‘My salary belongs to my family, so it’s a family decision’

    ‘So that’s a yes?’

    ‘I’ll be discussing it with my family’

    I see a Tui bill board

    • Simo

      The Toad on the Green Lillipad spots a juicy fly on a rock….its just too tempting

    • unsol

      Oh I love these moments, pure poetry as they try to squirm their way out of their hypocrisy.

      There are 2 main realities in this world that few seem to accept: everyone is always in it for themselves, no matter how altruistic they claim to be, and while the many demand and receive the most, it is the few who always pay for the many

  • jaundiced

    I wonder where the Greens think the government gets its money from? Metiria was complaining that the government was getting ‘ordinary householders’ to pay for the roads. Who are these ‘ordinary householders’?
    Are they perhaps different from the people who pay taxes to pay for things like roads?

    Oh yes, she confirmed this morning that the Greens really do think that the government’s money comes from printing machines.
    Can’t wait till they get in power.

    • unsol

      “Who are these ‘ordinary householders’?”

      My guess they are the people already being propped up by the taxes of the few (WFF)

  • unsol

    I think that this is a really smart policy. It is spread out & I believe it will go towards our roads.

    The reality is that with being a tiny country who loves their cars & loves being able to drive everywhere, road costs are always going to hurt a little.

    But it is user pays so if you don’t like it and don’t like the fact that most of the $ go towards Auckland (which as much as I hate to admit it, is actually the hub of this country)…..because you’re too naff to venture out of your red neck wee town, then sell your 13 year old people mover or toyota corolla and get those legs moving!

    It always amuses me that those who often whinge the most about such policies are often the most lazy….drop their kids right outside school etc etc.


  • cows4me

    I wonder how long the Melon followers would stay with the movement if these retards actually got to implement some of their mad hatter polices. How will the green tinted, latte swilling, SUV driving, idle wealthy of the big smoke handle the realisation the party they thought was going to save the world actually wants their arses in a sling. The problem isn’t the Melon party it’s actually the uneducated. pampered, no world experience, brainless fucks that think the Melon clowns will bring them nirvana when all they will deliver is misery.

  • Hazards001

    Todays bumper sticker

  • Catweasel321

    Interesting to see ya’ll backing tax increases and criticising the critics of them but can anyone direct me to the article on this site dealing with the Ombudsmans report on the Ministry of Education and OIA requests?

    Seems like it never happened, yet I thought that considering the number of pages given over to the denunciation of the recent Bain compo report there was an obvious interest in reports of inquiry?

    It must be in the same thread as the recent court case decison re the closure of the Salisbury School in Nelson and the award of QC status to first in line list MP Chris Finlayson, by the Attonery General Chris Finlayson.

    • Hazards001

      WTF is your point? Bains a murdering cunt that got off on a technicality, the Salisbury school is an unreasonable burden on the taxpayer if you look at funding per pupil and Chris Finlayson meets the criteria to be a QC just like that “let everyone out of prison to roam the streets and do as they like overpaid sanctimonious Howard League for penal reform prick Peter Williams QC does.” If you left wing wankers with no mandate to do what you wanted hadn’t abolished the system in the first place it wouldn’t have got to that point. So the reason you’ve seen nothing about it might be that clearly no on this site gives a fat flying fuck about your whinney hinney bullshit.