The Shield of Sanctimony, Ctd

The Green Taliban are weapons grade hypocrites, but they also like to cover themselves with the shield of sanctimony.

After the Green Taliban’s blatant display of rank hypocrisy on Firstline by criticising fuel tax increases, I went through their policy pages to count up the new taxes, charges and compliance costs that they are proposing.

On a conservative analysis, they are proposing at least 20 new transport taxes, and more than 50 new taxes and charges across the board.

The next time the Greens try to get a cheap shot in the mainstream media by complaining about price rises, real journalists might like to consider this extensive (and sometimes frightening) list.

Green Party Taxes


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  • Troy

    Ditto on that cam – the MSM seem to have a hands-off approach to the toxic Greens. What are the journo’s afraid of? How about a full front page spread of all the taxes to gain the publics attention – nup gutless wonders like the NZH haven’t the balls to do that let alone have a left-wing pinko write an article about it.

    • Greatscott1

      YOu would think that they paper press would want the greens out, the green don’t want anyone printing on trees

  • DavidW

    Whale, Why don’t you flip the question to Larry Williams when you are next on the Huddle “Larry, why does your station ignore ……?”

    I have yet to see any MSM participant answer to their motivation or bias (whatever it may be).

    You would probably get the response “Whoa, I ask the questions here! F**k off”

  • parorchestia

    Thanks for this Cam – most important and revealing.
    I think that serious commentators ignore the Greens in the belief that they will either go away (as Values did in the 1970s) or they will moderate their stance as they mature.
    I don’t think they will do either as young people love the Greens.
    We are all stupidly romantic, liberal and unaware of economic realities when young. Young people actually think that printing money is a good idea!

    • Phar Lap

      Values did go away.To be replaced by Turei’s MAGILLYCDDDY SERIOUS 90’S .To be replaced by RED/”green “Party .Once more with the insidious Turei aboard, being the co leader.This time more dangerous than ever before.The only Values that lot have is to enslave us all, to the beat of a commie drum.

      • In Vino Veritas

        Nice work Phar. An oft forgotten fact that Turei was #27 on the MGSP list for the 1999 election. Her polcies still reek of a joke.

      • Patrick

        None of the commies went away, they just wrapped themselves inside the green movement – both are similar with communism as their overriding goal.

  • LabTested

    I counted 5 taxes that will effect tourists flying here. NZ is already a bloody expensive country (53 British pence the NZ$ compared to only 33p 4 years ago). So increasing the cost to visit will create how many Green jobs in the tourism sector?

  • blokeintakapuna

    Yep – if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance – baffle them with bull shit!

  • Hazards001

    Taken that link and emailed it to most of my contacts

  • Hagues

    19- Investigate the merits of a compulsory third party insurance scheme funded by a levy onliquid fuels

    How about compulsory insurance followed by crushing any cars driven without said insurance? If you can’t afford to insure your car you can’t afford to drive a car. Not sure why everyone should pay more for their petrol to cover the dumbasses driving uninsured vehicles.