The Shield of Sanctimony, Ctd

I noted the story in NBR yesterday about Selwyn Pellet’s business being sold to some Americans.

Another tech company that has received millions in government grants seems set to fall into overseas ownership.

California-based, NYSE-listed Emulex has made a £80.7 million ($NZ156) cash offer to takeover Endace, the network security company founded by entrepreneur Selwyn Pellett (who resigned from the board in 2010 and sold most of his shares at the same time).

Endace – which was born out of research at Waikato University – has received more than $11 million in direct government grants, and the move is sure to reignite debate over no-strings-attached taxpayer handouts.

How come we haven’t heard Labour coming out threatening to intervene (as they did in the Haier takeover)?

Given that business and Pellett have trousered millions in Government subsidies you’d think they’d be very vocal.

So is their silence because :

A) He is a ‘critical’ friend of Labour
B) It’s just the Chinese they don’t like?

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  • Michael

    B – labour don’t like the Chinese.

    • Gazzaw

      I tend to agree Michael & I wonder why labour has a particular dislike for the Chinese. Is it ignorance, is it xenophobia or does it have something to do with the origins of the labour party? Remember, the miners had no love for the Chinese and there was huge discrimination at that time with poll taxes & other legislation.

      • Michael

        I think it’s because the Chinese aren’t a natural Labour voters. Labour are amazingly hostile to potential voters that are not Labour voters.

        Arrogance/Xenophobia/Ignorance all factor into it too.

      • SJ00

        I think they are just jumping on some sort of bandwagon they think is out there. Whitey farmers don’t like the Chinese (buying our farms) and I’d say alot of Maori don’t like Chinese or Asians, so Labour just jump in to get votes. Once in power Labour will buy and sell what they like with whoever they like, including the Chinese. Because they will be wearing their shield or cloak.

      • Mediaan

        Why do Labourites hate the Chinese? You got me thinking Gazzaw. I had to go and look at The Stranded.

        It’s a classic down-market attitude. Every time a migrant group enters a country, the existing bottom-of-the-heap people detest them. If the new group prospers, like the patient re-combing gold-miners in the 1880s, they hate them more.

        Our Labour union types have stopped whinging about “the Islanders” and now blame “the Chinese” and “Indians” for loss of jobs, fewer places on easy street and local companies moving overseas… (Nothing to do, of course, with their own stupidity, lack of effort, parental drinking or poor skills.)

        See redneck discussions at:

  • Labour know how to look after their mates, you will not hear so much as a muted squeak from them. And of course Labour and the Greens are outrageous racists, so selling to whitey is allowed.

    • Patrick

      Further to that they are ok with enriching their mates at the taxpayers expense – it is only when so called “tories” make a few dollars that they get all uppity.

      Mind you they do go feral when the so called mates don’t play by their rules aka Owen Glenn.
      No I am not saying they enriched Glenn – it was the other way around.

      • Gazzaw

        Don’t forget the Fletcher dynasty. Who built the state houses for Savage?

  • Dave

    Or, C) Both of above!

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Shield of Sanctimony? The cloak of hypocrisy more like….height of fashion amongst the left.

  • Mediaan

    From all accounts, Pellett is a useless prat.

    The great software and tech-wizard successes of the Helen Days were largely faked-success and stolen ideas; set-ups to make the regime look good.

    Assets such as retail-mall software developed by a big public company like Telecom can be nicked and given to some Labour friend so he can get grants and set up a “Labour success” company. It is a grant gatherer. The Catholics have been doing it for ages. The same way the European catholic countries like Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy have faked and cooked the books. Those economies have turned into rotten liabilities of the EC.

    So later, when a company is supposed to be going upwards (and is in fact going downwards), they have to arrange a mate in some foreign clime to buy it. There is no profit future for the company naturally, and it has been run down by incompetent idiots employed there. So Labour’s backers use their world connections to make it look like a past success, lost to New Zealand by naughty Nationale.

  • Magor

    covers himself well in this mornings rag – gets given a full page as well..!!