The Shield of Sanctimony, Ctd

The Green taliban are the most sanctimonious of all politicians.

Given they have an MP (Kennedy Graham) being paid by NZ taxpayers to be in Doha and had their friends create a Hobbit based skit video, Federated Farmers quite reasonably pointed out that climate change conferences would be climate friendly if done by video conferences instead of being held in resorts (Kyoto, Durban, Cancum, Rio and now Doha).

That seems to have touched a raw nerve with Gareth who has forgotten the principle of photosynthesis since farm forestry, riparian plantings and pasture do suck up CO2 (they don?t count under Kyoto?s right definition of a forest).? He also seems to forget where the money comes from.

Strange that we are wrong to be in the same camp as President Obama with the UN accord.

Check out this Twitter exchange between Federated Farmers and the boy MP and penguin botherer Gareth Hughes: