The Troughing Mayor’s Delay Tactic

Readers may remember this piece from the weekend when a reader asked for some Whale Sunshine for the Troughing Mayor of Nelson. ?Aldo Miccio has been to China “on behalf of the ratepayer”, but has set up a company for himself.

MP for Nelson Nick Smith was in the paper a few days ago reminding Aldo Miccio that in politics, there is doing the right thing, and being seen to do the right thing. ?Nick speaks from experience.

So what does the greasy Miccio do?

He kicks for touch.

“Rather than continue to engage in unwarranted and unsubstantiated media speculation, I have referred this matter to the acting [Nelson City Council] chief executive to review independently, including reference to the auditor-general’s office,” Mr Miccio said yesterday

You can see the strategy here. ?The deeply unpopular first-term Mayor won’t be re-elected, and he’s very busy feathering his nest. ?By sending this issue to the Auditor-General’s Office he’s hoping the glaring sunlight will stop. ?With some luck, his alleged misuse of ratepayers money will still be tied up in “third party reviews” by the time he’s turfed out.