The world needs rude men

Cactus Kate writes about Paul Little’s gay little article about how he can’t deal with rude people.

Paul Little tries to confuse his audience yet again.??While I accept his conclusion of over-diagnosis of depression where many will be offended, apparently we now cannot admit to the self-deprecating label of?being a bit Aspergery?in order to screen out people who may be poor petals and offended easily. ?There are hundreds of thousands of us all around Little. ?Another generation he will be in the minority.

I admit to being as offensive to some now as I was at about age 11 when I discovered the worst your parents can do to you is socially isolate you to your bedroom for some blissful peace and quiet from the nagging and noise so you can read a book. ?They gave up on the basis I kept getting A’s for them. It was a happy bilateral trade. ?School teachers were the same. ?Needless to say I read a lot of books in my room in my teens.

I cannot handle gabbing to people I do not know exchanging shallow pleasantries, giving or receiving. ?If someone says something nice to me these days I am more likely to go bright red with embarrassment and burst out giggling.

The difference is as you get older people are more accepting of the condition because with age and achievement you earn the right to be an unsociable introverted shit if you like. ?You live with it as there are 7 billion people in the world. ?Find another one to have social intercourse with, one that shares your disability at some level. ?There are plenty around in the modern age. ?People are more likely than ever to see through others bullshit and call them on it.

And as you get even older and wiser you learn to move to the other side of the room when you meet someone like Paul Little. ?Your worst nightmare is a stand-up cocktail party with a hundred strangers like him all forced to do small talk or at a party with similar.

Paul Little is a whiny little ass. I have long given up being polite to cocksmokers like him.

I am rude for a reason. It filters out wankers from being around me. It is my bullshit detector. I have found it exceedingly useful. Only the truly steely can handle being around me, and only those I actually want to spend time with will make the grade.

I find most people boring…intensely boring…and when they come up and want to share the minutiae of their sad little lives…well…being rude is preferable to punching them in the face to shut up.

Soft, gay little metrosexual types with hipster clothes and bodies like half sucked throaties may find this intimidating and even rude…rest assured it is meant to be that way. If they don’t like it they could stick to gobbling off their best mate….or something similar.

The bottom line is the world needs rude men, they get things done while whiny little tossers like Paul Little just moan about what happened.