This explains the Labour party perfectly

Peter Cove has a brilliant article about what he learned in the poverty war. It is rather long but this part succinctly explains the Labour party perfectly.

In public policy, we should deduce our theory from practice. Unfortunately, most people in the business of helping the poor turn that principle upside down, proposing theories first and then basing programs on them.

Such people will surely oppose my proposals.

Perhaps they should consider a concept from medicine—the word “iatrogenic,” which describes an adverse condition caused by the physician.

Doctors take an oath not to contribute to iatrogenic conditions; they may not continue a treatment when that treatment itself causes harm. For the doctors of welfare policy, no such principle exists.


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  • Ronnie Chow

    ” I think that we should seriously contemplate removing these unfortunate children from their irresponsible parents. Under current child-welfare laws, social-services agencies can already take kids away from their parents if their home environment is unsafe. Is it so extreme to extend that policy to homes ruined by willful poverty and neglect? ”
    Now that’s radical . Take the kids away from their deadbeat parents . Should go down well with Labour .

  • Michael

    Cove talks about all the perverse incentives of welfare, My favourite (and the most keenly observed) is that when the numbers on welfare exploded, the bureaucrats got bigger offices, more important titles, and bigger pay. Any wonder civil servants (and the left generally) are against any measures that reduce welfare dependency when you get more state as well?

  • cows4me

    The Left remind me of the Bloodletters where the so called doctor would take blood from the patient to cure the disease. Many times the disease became worst so a new course of bloodletting was prescribed. Of course the victim usually died , generally through lack of blood. The left are these old time quacks, welfare is the bloodletting and welfare will eventually be the killer and yes the remedy will be more and more welfare. Michael has it spot on , the left need welfare they are the bloodletters dispensing their self serving cure upon us all. What these drongos haven’t figured out is that when we have all finished suffering their cure there shall be no one left to pay the quacks, the left.