Tim Groser & the WTO

Reasonably well known left wing blogger David Farrar talks up Tim Groser in his attempt to leave Parliament for another job. This has been a poorly kept secret as everyone knows that Tim hasn?t enjoyed parliament that much, but some of his nocturnal activities may not find favour with the United States, nor the fact that Groser is a Muslim.

What Farrar doesn?t mention is that if Groser goes the next man on the list is Paul Quinn. Paul apparently has little love for the party leadership, after being shafted at list ranking last time around, and can be expected to come back stroppy. Add Quinn to Gilmore and there is a recipe for a fractious backbench that the diminutive Chief Whip will struggle to contain.

John Key?s one seat majority is starting to look a bit shaky as his mismanagement of personnel comes back to bite him on the arse.