Today Last Year – Dec 8 2011

The blog had a look at the sanctimony of the Green Party a year ago.  Have the Greens managed to keep their public noses clear since then?  Is this because they stopped being silly, or are they better at not getting caught?  Let us know in the comments.

At the last election the innocent Greens claimed that a senior staffer never told them about the secret tape sting ‘at first’.

At this election Russel Norman wants us to believe a staffer in his inner circle never told anyone about a sophisticated and co-ordinated attack by Green activists on National billboards.

She’s back in his office.

Break out the Tui.

Russel might think this is over.  It is not.


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  • Blue Tim

    I can’t stand their hypocracy. As a campaign chairman last election the double standards of these people and the tame media was very galling.

  • sheppy

    Wheeled back into office in time to slip below the radar before doing the same again at the next election. How is this a surprise?

  • Pissedoffyouth

    I’m gonna deface their billboards next time with pictures of V8’s and draw a giant cock with lead paint

    • Mr_V4

      Does this mean you just leave any billboards with Green party MP photos unaltered?

      • Pissedoffyouth

        I didn’t say cock-smokers

  • i really am uneasy that the national party hasnt made more of a big deal about this. there really ought to have been someone charged or made an example of.

    • I’ve often wondered about that. It’s like a code of silence where at some basic levels everyone realises they are an MP that may eventually sit on the opposition benches, so let’s not go too hard on other party MPs to avoid retaliation later.

  • Patrick

    When wil the parties that rort the laws around election time be held to account? All very well one individual getting a slap with a wet boot lace. There should be criminal charges, Labour was never properly punished for the almost $800k they missappropriated, Peters still owes $158k (+ interest), the Greens got away with vandalising billboards.
    Make the party leader liable to a lengthy stretch in Mt Eden, that is assuming the Police get off their donut enhanced asses & actually prosecute the transgressors. The prospect of the likes of Clarke and Peters spending time in pokey would have put a stop to their criminal behaviour.

    • I agree. Either don’t bother with the laws, or have some enforcement. This will only get worse if there are never any repercussions.

  • Mr_V4

    Whale I thought you had some more info on the billboard defacement saga, but nothing else much really came out during the election?

    • Travis Poulson

      Penny Bright was at it too.