Today Last Year – Dec 9 2011

December 9 2011 delivered some golden moments when Max Coyle gets pulled up on a tweet about throwing Paula Bennett in prison.  He then foolishly joins the comments where he confirms he truly believes Paula to be a criminal in need of incarceration.

Regular readers know all about the sneaky and furtive dealings of Max Coyle for the Greens. The Greens shield themselves with sanctimony when it comes to badly behaving activists. They also profess to be squeaky clean in the way they approach MMP.

However time and again they have been busted playing their own little rorts with the system. In Ohariu and in Auckland Central. Max Coyle has also revealed the same trickery in play in Waitakere. He also reveals the nasty as well.

[blackbirdpie id=”144911949854019584″]

So that’s Max Coyle on the come-back trail after getting himself, his partner, and the Green Party in the news in all the wrong ways a couple of months earlier.


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  • Dion

    …all because she has different views from him on the size of the government. And to think that the left accuse us being intellectually and morally bankrupt.

    • Exactly. The opposition has a different idea. This warrants them being locked up.

      Good grief.

  • You two would make great cell mates Whale! With the bullshit that flows from her mouth you could feed for weeks, you’d love it, she could spew it straight into a handy trough for you to eat from. Would you like that big boy? Oh wait, it’s what you do anyway, my mistake :) Hope you’re having fun with your new job, nice website ROFL, truthfully!