Warmists cop one in the clacker

Just the other day Russel Norman was whining in his aussie squeal about glaciers failing…bad news Russel you are wrong on that one too.

The Times of India reports:

With high-altitude mountains in Himachal Pradesh experiencing up to 100 cm fresh snowfall in November month after 10 years, the abundance of snow on mountains has rejuvenated nearly one thousand glaciers and has ensured uninterrupted supply of water for drinking, irrigation and hydel projects.

Even after years of research on glaciers and climate of Himalayas, scientists have failed to learn the pattern of the weather here. While scanty snowfall and rising temperature in last decade had sparked the possibilities of fast shrinking of glaciers, good spells of snowfall in last three years have changed the trend with glaciers almost growing to their original size. Some scientists say that despite heavy snowfall in winters, the extreme heat in summers is causing the melting of the glaciers with abnormal speed and others say extreme cold in winters is neutralizing the minor effect of risen temperature in summer. Overall, speed of melting of glaciers has reduced over the past few years only due to good snowfall in winter months.


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  • “Even after years of research on glaciers and climate of Himalayas, scientists have failed to learn the pattern of the weather here” but Ill bet plenty of scientists made a truck load of cash trying.

    the naivety of it….. to think we humans can unravel the mysteries of the weather.

  • ConwayCaptain

    In the SST today a report that the melting of the Arctic ic sheet is possibly caused by soot from Tundra fires settling on the ice and reducing its heat reflectiveness.thus causing it to melt

  • Troy

    Norman is a dweeb, he’s trying (but failing) to impress as a viable govt MP for the future but fucks up consistently oh, and btw, he can dish it out but can’t take it. Last week he complained to the Speaker that he was being constantly attacked by the Nats (even tho he feels its ok to attack them). He’s a bleating ozzie loser and why the fuck we let him into the country is perplexing let alone become an MP. The toxic Green supporters don’t know what they are getting by voting for that party. He may be cunning but I just think he’s a cucking funt.

    On a similar note, last week Meteria Turei took offence and demanded an apology for their party being referred to by Maggie Barry as being mad… notice it was directed at the party, but Turei took personal offence… what the fuck is NZ politics coming to when an MP reacts like that.. . – is that the kind of MP we want?

    • Maggie and Meteria in a ring with broadswords. That’ll fix it. Will be the best Fight For Life on Pay per View in NZ ever.

      (sorry, I don’t get serious until after breakfast)

      • Troy

        On her best day Turei would never out-do Barry in a bitch-fight on her worst day. Maggie is a straight talker – i’m impressed with her oratory skills in the chamber (her past radio life helps of course), but Turei constantly bitches and moans in that smarmy tone of voice of hers – its fucking annoying to listen to (mute comes in handy :) )

  • cows4me

    Poor old Red Russell will really be squealing his scabby Ozzie arse off this morning. I see only 35 suckers (countries) have signed up to limit their emissions as part of the
    Kyoto protocol at Doha. I see many countries have walked away from signing on the dotted line, New Zealand, praise the Lord, was one of them. The curtain is slowly coming down on these commie bullshit artists, no doubt some new disaster awaits in the wings that will need trillions of dollars to fix and hundred of thousands of suckling pigs, bureaucrats to fix. AGW is dying and good fucking job, expect the next big push to be the control of the Internet. These commie fucks aren’t finished yet.

    • Gazzaw

      And the international banking & corporate systems Cows. International banking expert, Wussel Norman will doubtless be making a statement about the TPPA and why NZ has to exclude itself to avoid its citizens from becoming corporate hostages to the financial running dogs of Wall St.


  • Good stuff – keep socking it to the misguided Green morons. If we let them near the steering wheel it’ll head towards the cliff.