Well done, Whale Army

We asked, and you came through.

Voxy reports:

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett?s three-word put-down “Zip it, sweetie” to Labour MP Jacinda Ardern was the clear winner in Massey University?s 2012 Quote of the Year competition. The quip beat out all comers by attracting an impressive 57 per cent of the total vote.

Oh yes.

The Herald usefully adds:

The Top 10 quotes of 2012:

1. “Zip it, sweetie.” (Paula Bennett to Jacinda Ardern in Parliament.)

2. “I just want to emphasise that it is not our best guess, it’s just a guess.” (Bill English estimating the financial value of selling state assets.)
3. “Oh f…k! I can’t afford that.” (Ewen Gilmour after his doctor told him he was going to live for another 40 years.)
4. “I don’t remember.” (John Banks’ response when asked about his helicopter ride to Dotcom’s mansion.)
5. “You think I came up the river on a cabbage boat.” (John Banks responding to media questions about Dotcom.)
6. “Who needs to be able to quote Shakespeare if you can play rugby?” (17-year-old Joshua Iosefo on Campbell Live giving his Mt Roskill Grammar School speech.)
7. “Nonu, Nonu, Nonu, boom!” (Actor Byron Coll as an overly familiar fan greeting Ma’a Nonu in the Mastercard All Blacks advertisement.)
8. “New Zealand’s got some great brains out there and most of them are kids.” (Luke Nola accepting the New Zealand Television Award for Best Children’s/Youth programme.)
9. “Your dish was a car crash but all of the occupants survived.” (Josh Emett judging on Masterchef New Zealand.)
10. “I come to Wellington and I’m scared to be here.” (Bob Parker speaking to an emergency management conference in Wellington about the state of Wellington buildings.)