Westboro Baptist Church Hate Group Petition


via CBS News

It seems free speech does have its limits after all

Users of the White House’s “We the People” digital petition platform have flooded the site in support of an effort to officially designate the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group.

Especially when the WBC pick the raw wound that’s Sandy Hook Elementary School

The most popular petition was submitted on Dec. 14, the same day as the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., an incident that Westboro responded to by announcing its intent to picket the funerals of the 26 victims, including 20 young children.

Oh lookie, lookie… a hate group with tax exemption

But the quarter-million signature effort to recognize Westboro as a hate group is also getting a boost from twoother petitions calling for the congregation’s tax-exempt status to be revoked. Both of those have also crossed the 25,000 signature threshold needed to prompt a response from the administration



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  • Pissedoffyouth

    I’m all for freedom of speech, and being classified as a hate group should still let them say what they believe – but these guys are morons.

    The funny thing is if the media just left them alone and stopped quoting their stupidity nobody would even know who they are.

    • cows4me

      Agree PDY. If they are shut down they it will just encourage similar lunatic groups seeking air time. The WBC would love the martyr tag. Perhaps the best way is like you say, ignore the idiots.

    • bristol

      Free speech is sacrosanct. best course of action is for everyone, particularly the media, to ignore them, completely.

    • Gayguy

      Freedom of speech be dammed.

      They want to picket the funerals of little murdered children. They are a hate group and they should not be allowed to ever open their mouths again.

      • Richard McGrath

        Sorry, freedom of speech means just that. It doesn’t mean you have the the right to never be offended by anything anyone says. If that were the case, all reference to anything biblical would have to go because I am offended by Boy Buggering Catholics.

        • Richard McGrath

          Of course, the owner of the property on which the funeral takes place is free to ban the Westboro bigots from that property. But on public land, there should always be freedom of speech.

        • Gayguy

          They are pushing hate. Their right to “free” speech should go. In public at the very least. Let them spew their bile and lies behind closed doors.

      • Travis Poulson

        “Freedom of speech be dammed.”

        That’s a bit rich Paul, just a few days ago you were bleating about the petition to deport Piers Morgan being an infringement on free speech.

        So which is it, short term memory loss, double standards or both?

      • Travis Poulson

        Just a down vote? No response koshy poo?

  • Tristanb

    I agree with most of the commenters so far.

    It’s free speech – even though what they say is ridiculous and nasty. I’d be disappointed if anyone was able stop them saying it.

    Having said that I have no problem with people trespassing them from cemeteries.

    Agree with others that doing this would make them martyrs, and that the best way to deal with them is to ignore them. The media companies never will though – too many easy and controversial stories for them.

  • Dion

    Politicising children, too. They’re worse than the bloody NZEI.

    • Gayguy

      Way to trivialize a serious situation with nonsense.

      • Dion

        Good to see you too, Kosh.

  • Gayguy

    I never understand why people think free speech is some protected thing.

    It is curbed all the times under any number of situations.

    The idea that all speech is free and the right to say anything is protected is pure nonsense. Even in the US. These people do not have the right to attack dead children and their families, and frankly their so called right to freedom of expression can go to hell, along with them,

    • Dion

      So, what’s your solution? Put them all in prison?

      Sure, get rid of their charitable status (after all they are a hate group). Legislate against harassment to stop them picketing funerals.

      But beyond that, they should be simply be ridiculed like this guy: http://www.youtube.com/user/thirdeaglebooks

      • Gayguy

        I would gladly lock up the WB Baptists and remove their children from them. I have zero problem with that.