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It’s obvious that we’re winding down towards the holidays as the usual sources of hard news are drying up. ?We are having to resort to flabby squishy news to keep the loyal Whale Army from self-harm by reading The Standard and becoming part of the collateral damage statistics of Clare Curran’s hunt for “Red October”.

The WOBH image that was scheduled before the massacre, but withdrawn.

The WOBH image that was scheduled before the massacre, but withdrawn.

We awoke to the news of yet another school massacre in the United States on Saturday that caused quite the discussion in the Face of the Day post. ?The image that caused the debate is on the left (click for larger view). ?The UK is loving the transparency School League Tables provide as The Telegraph reports the results. ?Life isn’t all bad for Hekia Parata as Cam finds someone willing to back her performance. ?Even some commenters feel she’s hard done by. ?The General Debate never really got started with the FOTD post generating most of the heat. ?Another look at education with the idea that docking teachers who “work to rule” some pay might be an idea for the Government to consider. ?An editorial by Cameron Slater on the gun control in light of this morning’s school shootings is followed by a post about Tania Wysocki reporting in she passed her course with pleasing results. ?Some of you might remember Tania has the person that got minced by the Simon Collins earlier this year, while Jacinda Adern played her bit part. ?Next we shake our heads at a report thieves stole someone’s driveway, and then move on to raise our eyebrows to someone who answered the phone with a hot iron. ?While we’re on the topic of dumb people, our People are Stupid series offers another prize winner in?Samantha Dillow who “Liked” the local Police department on Facebook. ?Police then had access to her photos, which included one of her registered sex offender boyfriend. ?It seems Stuff isn’t immune to it’s own “Herald Bombs” as we highlight in Stuffed Fairfax. ?After a morning of US school massacre reactions focusing on guns, the news of the stabbing of 22 school children in China leads Whale to ask where the outrage about knives is? ?Next he shows a Facebook feed of a Canadian computer games company where the public are holding them responsible for the school massacre as the killer used to play Mass Effect. ?Software on smartphones that allows anonymous tracking may be outlawed in the US, and if a same law is introduced here, it will leave Clare Curran with even fewer tools for her witch hunt. ?

via kiwianarama.co.nz

via kiwianarama.co.nz

A quiet start to Sunday with a non-controversial FOTD?was an easy lead in to a video of a Rolls Royce Phantom cutting up the lawn. ?You can smell the burning carbon credits sitting at home. ?Brian Rudman is celebrating the misuse of taxpapers money for the $5000 per seat acoustic improvements at the Aotea Centre. ?Cameron highlights the mind boggling sanctimony of David Fisher who admonishes this blog for publishing a gun photo while the NZ Herald has pages and pages of victim grief bleeding off it’s publication by pretending it is “proper” news. ?Next the Whale calls for political negative campaigning to be adopted by the corporate world. ?Virtually nobody had the courage to enter Sunday’s General Debate after yesterday. ?Labor in Australia are continuing to have their corruption laid bare by the media and the courts. ?And what happens overseas, often comes to New Zealand later… ?Cam posts a chart on declining gun ownership in the USA to combat the rhetoric of the US being ‘awash with guns’. ?WOBH is introducing a new post type: WhaleTech. ?The first informs people that Google Maps is available for Apple owners. ?A weekly look back at The Whale Army‘s best comments in the Best of Whale Army post was followed by the Photo of the Day showing a primary school class and an adult with a rifle. ?It’s all about context. ?Rodney Hide (who should be writing for the Truth) has another blinder in the NBR about Maori already ?having signed away their rights to water, lakes, rivers and streams. ?Then a real head scratcher: Fairfax are selling their only profitable part of their business (TradeMe) to pay off debt. ?Is this the last act before the receivers get called in? ?Will the sale of TradeMe cause Labour to release a policy to nationalise it? ?Will there be the same sort of outrage as the sale of the Crafar farms? ?Will Selwyn Pellet consider the sale of TradeMe at least as bad as the sale of F&P? ?WOBH predicts the silence will be deafening. ?Cam then takes a chunk out of a?deluded?Peter O’Connor who somehow drama-ed himself into an Associate Professor position. ?This allows him to drama his way into statements such as “2013 will see a continuation and escalation of an ideological war over the heart and soul of schooling in this country”. Right. ?Finally, we look at Fran O’Sullivan taking a good gander at Judith Collins and Fran likes what she sees.


Anti depressant medication

Monday we learned the Westboro Baptist Church posted its intention to picket the funerals of the slain Connecticut school children on their web site. Hacker group Anonymous hacked the WBC web site in protest. ? A very effective video puts an end to the idea that consumers can spend their way towards recovering the economy. ?Hekia Parata points at the latest international studies saying the NZ education system is “showing persistent signs of under-performance” in spite of the teachers unions claiming there is no need to change anything. ?But even Labour’s Chris Hipkins agrees the results are worrying. ?Cameron Slater then posts an extensive editorial on the possible role of anti-depressants in mass killings, and follows it with some interesting information and advice for any would-be defamation action takers: don’t. ?Even if you “win”, you put everything you have ever said and done up for close examination. ?Then a post from the US where a mom and daughter are creating pornography together. ?Quite the on-line business apparently. ?To keep it legal the sex is?not with each other, but they do choreograph simulations that make it appear that way. ?The fall-out of the Connecticut school massacre is extensive, but Ron Paul is the first to try and address it by suggesting teachers should be allowed to carry firearms on school grounds. ?A quick post to enjoy the approbation that The Hobbit is getting from the world, in spite of Labour and the Greens trying their best to scuttle it. ?WOBH once again calls for regular and comprehensive evaluation of teachers. ?Silvio Berlusconi announces his engagement to a 27 year old and Whale thinks his money makes him look a lot more attractive. ?But Silvio can afford it. ?Pedro Gower doesn’t care about what his friends think of him by naming Judith Collins politician of the year. ?Nice to see some intellectual honesty. ?Our People are Stupid segment highlights a man from Blenheim who died eating chips and dip while driving. ?The Owl takes a light hearted spin around the idea that the Greens printing $3 Billion a few months ago would all have been for nothing by now as the dollar is about to hit USD$0.85. ?Russell Norman as finance minister? ?Not even once. ?Finally, Cameron will be on NewstalkZB with Jock Anderson discussing the school massacre, whether Jesus was gay and the Green idea of spending $100M on another Internet cable.

World's first 3D printed gun

World’s first 3D printed gun

Cyclone Evan spent the day tearing Fiji to pieces on Tuesday while covering New Zealand in large, grey, low cloud. ?Face of the Day once again pushed the boundaries with a dodgy Santa picture followed by the audio from the Huddle where the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy was the only topic discussed. ?A post to highlight John Kerry’s diplomatic successes in Afghanistan and Pakistan led into one where Charles Morris from the Economist proposes the US economy is back on the up and up, but in a way that won’t please the Green Taliban: Shale Gas. ?Cam then highlights and Australian employment court case where someone got compensated for an injury while having sex. ?The racket that is the Building Service Contractors is receiving more attention from The Owl who notices it has dropped the requirement for audited accounts?while sitting on a $1.8M war chest. Will this go towards funding Labour’s election? ?While in NZ it is Labour looking at minimum alcohol prices, in the UK it’s the Tories that are giving it a go. ?A tongue in cheek report on a man that unintentionally disrupted a darts tournament because he looks like Jesus. ?Another WhaleTech post looks at a 7″ Android tab for the kids. ?A bit of fun at the expense of Russell ?Brown, the self proclaimed word smith, who picks a World of the Year that’s not spelled correctly. ?Live by the sword, die by the sword, eh Rus? ?The Doctor Who Christmas Special looks like it will be worth waiting for, with some inter-species love thrown in to get the juices flowing. ?Cam then highlights a TechCrunch article that shows that gun control will be an outdated idea as 3D printing technology will allow people to create their own. ?WO then put up a chart showing the steady decline in US public opinion to implement gun control, the Gallup poll showing a drop from 78% down to 43% since 1990. ? Are weather forecasts in advance of holiday periods rigged? ?Stats show what actually happens often isn’t what is forecast. ?And to close the day, we see that Fox TV and their “experts” are now calling for Facebook, TV and games to be blamed for the Connecticut school massacre. ?Anything except the person who did it, it seems.

Lesley Livingstone - via Stacy Squires / Fairfax

Lesley Livingstone – via Stacy Squires / Fairfax

Enjoying our run of FOTD controversies, we added another on Wednesday that was able to get people talking. ?A video from GBP1 Fish Man called One Pound Fish found no Gangnam love amongs the Whale Army that then turned it’s attention to a Len Brown photo for a caption contest flogging. ?News about a teacher ordering a gang kneecapping of a principal and yet not being de-registered by the Teachers Council got the Army into a good old froth. ?The Australian Financial Review proposes a new way of thinking for Aussie unions, and Cam believes this will apply to New Zealand unions as well. ?This is followed by a post on Steven Joyce making the first move to deal to union cartels inside government departments by breaking their stranglehold on certain tendering processes. ?Cameron Slater posts a mini editorial about who will be the new Speaker of the House now that Lockwood Smith will leave for the UK. ?It appears David Carter‘s confidence may lay on shaky foundations. ? ?Greenpeace ex-CEO Patrick Moore went on ZB last Friday putting another dagger in Greenpeace hopes to regain charity status. ?It’s almost a daily occurrence now that the Greens contradict themselves. ?This time they are against petrol tax increases while having new fossil fuel taxes in their Green policies. ? A second report today on a teacher unfit for teaching with the arrest of an Auckland teacher charged with indecent assault on pupils. ?Cam then has a quick look at the Argentinians who don’t appear to have the money to pay their bills, let alone invade the Falklands. ?Finally someone seems to have been pushed into a resignation at the Ministry of?Education?for an appalling year in education. ?Lesley Longstone “resigned” for not being an effective team player. ?WOBH asks: will Hekia Parata be next to go? ?Some satisfaction for observers as “The New Zealand comedian with name suppression” has lost his appeal and is to start serving his 22 month sentence for sexually assaulting his 4 year old daughter. ? Cam then reminds us that Obama has been the best thing that ever happened for gun sales as Americans buy up large in fear that gun restrictions may be ahead. ?We close the day by having a laugh at?Guy Hallwright who thinks a criminal conviction shouldn’t effect his ability to keep his job.

SCCZEN_A_240512NZHMMLOCKUP5_460x230Helen Clark’s was this much bigger than mine” was the winning caption on Thursday‘s Caption Contest. ?This was followed by a Tipline posts on another resignation, this time the Senior Private Secretary?in Hekia Parata’s office, and that’s not the only person ?that’s left of late. ?Whale opened the nominations for Best Back Bench MP, and told us Louisa Wall is his choice for her hard work on the Marriage Equality private members bill. ?WOBH does the work so you don’t have to: in the light of the sanctimonious Greens speaking out against the raising of petrol taxes, the Whale reveals existing green policy is to introduce at least 20 new transport taxes and more than 50 new taxes across the board. ? We then look at the PPTA’s war on mediocrity as they strive to keep things as they are while NZ educational results slip down the rankings. ?A quick look at the UK who are looking into measures to stop beneficiaries from spending their money on luxuries like alcohol, cigarettes and satellite TV. ?The Owl pops in to highlight that out of an approximate budget of $17M, the NZEI have spent $90 on “Teachers Professionalism”. ?This kind of leads into a People Are Stupid post on a man that drank “at least” 3 bottles of wine before going into a meeting to ask for his job back. ? Stuff starts the slow leak on the 60 year old male West Auckland teacher arrested and charged with indecent assault on 5-10 year olds. ?Cam’s wondering if Chris Hipkins has had a promotion as he’s all over the press calling for Hekia Parata’s head. ?A call to arms to stop the rot that’s the teachers unions. After a year of below average performance by Parata, the unions are starting to think they are running the portfolio. ?In the UK,?Norman Tebbit gets stuck into David Cameron over his support for marriage equality. Cameron Slater posts another editorial, this time on the possible promotions in National’s ranks with David Carter’s coronation as Speaker. ?WiFi can be a bit of a Black Art at times, and a WhaleTech post gives the lo-down on getting the best from your WiFi. ?Herald Bombs again, this time changing Gerry Brownlee’s name to Browning. ?A bit of vicarious angst as Travis sends in a pic of his blown truck tyre?incurred while driving on the motorway. ? We pop over to Kiwiblog where the steel of Daniel Inouye is highlighted. He recently died at 88, but left a legacy in WWII records. ?Then we close the day with another Kiwiblog article where Farrar concludes another David Bain compensation report is inevitable.

via Radio Live

via Radio Live

Friday couldn’t come quickly enough as for a lot of us it was the last day of work for 2012. ?If you’re reading this, the world didn’t end – just so you know. ?WOBH opened he day with a Clare Curran tweet admitting to having stuck furniture on hire purchase. ?Must be hard to make ends meet on $150k a year. ?Imperator Fish does consider the world might end but then predicts that Cameron Slater will be the first person on the list of people Jesus will save. ?As we descend into the 2012 Awards, WOBH called for nominations for best political journalist of the year. ?(silence bar the sounds of crickets). ?Next a post ?on investment bankers arguing whether they received news via Whale Oil Beefed Hooked or via direct phone call. Voting then opened for Best Back Bench MP. ?We then read that James Delingpole declares Australia “totally gay” in a post where he mourns the loss of the Aussie spirit. ?Self-promoted expert Peter O’Connor gets a mauling for his outrageous commentary including phrases like “Christchurch school cluster bombing“. ?Too much Fox, Peter? ?Whale joins the 2013 predictions with 13 of his own before showing us a Russian video in which a truck full of cows crashes. ? We all go back to school to learn what Teachers Unions are all about in a video that’s eerily close to the bone. ?Sledge of the Day highlights James Delingpole again. ?This time a piece about wind farms, pedophiles and the inconsistency of the Press Complaints Commission. ?He takes no prisoners. ?Auckland Transport is now paying money to discover why they are having a serious decline in public transport use. ?We can save them some money: people prefer cars. ?From the “you can’t make stuff like this up” file, we read about a funeral gate crasher demanding the deceased rise from the dead in front of shocked family and friends. ?Sadly, another report of a conviction of a Teacher guilty of the sexual assault on ?a teenager. ?So Registration keeps these people out of the profession, right? ?We congratulate the Whale Army for making Zip It, Sweetie the 2012 Quote of the Year – you’re a force of nature. ? We end the day, and the week, with another Herald Bombs. ?It may seem petty, but the Herald can’t even get the basics right.

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