Whaleoil Awards 2012 – The Winners (and Losers)

This years winners of the Whaleoil Awards are as follows:

Best Political Blog – apart from me…is Cactus Kate…by a nose from David Farrar.

I think this reflects that David Farrar has turned his blog into a an arts, travel and fitness blog and is focussing less on politics. While Cactus Kate blogs less often it is worth the wait.

Imperator Fish came a creditable third. But then I would say that because of my on-going man-crush thing with Scott.

collins-1200Best Minister – Judith Collins

A resounding 52% of the vote.

Judith Collins has much to deal with this year, from the manufactured crisis of Bronwyn Pullar at ACC to David Bain’s ongoing PR blitz.

wiltinpenis comments:

Judith, our next Prime Minister, hands down. I contemplated changing my pseudonym after she smiled at me the other day.

Bunswalla adds:

Crusher Collins has to get my vote. She?s been extremely sure-footed and confident, not afraid to take Mallard and Little to the brink and forcing them to back down. She?s sorted out ACC and is giving good service to the Police. And of course she?s smacked down all-comers in the chamber, and the opposition think twice before trying to take her on. Balls of steel.

Worst Political Blog – The Standard Lynn Prentice’s Hate Speech Blog

Easily the most ridiculous blog. Lynn Prentice even had the temerity to claim:

I?m pretty pleased with the comment?s growth. It looks like the policy of offloading all of the idiots to the sewer works well for steadily increasing rational dialogue on this site.

If the resulting filth is what he thinks is rational dialogue then it is no wonder that Labour is rooted.

imgres-1Biggest Corporate Fail – Michael Fay

Michael Fay won this inaugural award, basically for being a cocksmoker and trying to nick the Crafar farms with dirty little court dealings.

To my mind though the ongoing standover by Foodstuffs of the suppliers was pretty bad…and one reason I won;t be shopping at their supermarkets.

imgres-2Worst List MP – Gareth Hughes

The green taliban child warrior won this hands down and universally despised. He easily bested the Minister of Omnishambles, Hekia Parata.

Teletubby comments:

Definitely Hughes ? hypocrisy beyond measure, flying around the country bitching about carbon footprints

Gazzaw adds:

Gareth Hughes though gets my overall vote as a whining, bludging hypocrite ? with a name like his is there any possibility that we could deport him back to Wales?

imgres-3Best Electorate MP – Sam Lotu Iiga

Sam works bloody hard in his electorate, so hard that in fact it may well be hurting his chances at being made a minister.

GregM says:

My cuz out at one tree hill reckons Sam Lotu iiga is a good bastard, very approachable and gets shit done.

and Gazzaw tells it like it is:

Totally agree Greg despite Carol Beaumont & Richard Northey?s best efforts to white ant him. Both still put up the pretence of being MPs & Northey still swans around the electorate in a labour Party car.

Sam?s a top bloke and a good bastard to boot. He?s involved in everything in the electorate from kindergarten coffee mornings to footy club working bees (not Phil Goff style with the shiny shovel either). He works hard with local government and pushes Maungakiekie?s interests in Wellington. He is sometimes criticised for not putting in the yards in the House, well I don?t give a rat?s arse, the effort goes into the electorate which is as it should be. Give that man a DB!

chris_hipkins_504e9c6952Best Opposition MP – Chris Hipkins

Chippy narrowly beat out green taliban co-leader Russel Norman for the title. He deserves it after holding the Minister of Omnishambles, Hekia Parata to account all year.

He managed to calmly smack her up and shrug off the inane coaching he must have been getting from Trevor Mallard to show other opposition politicians how to “get” a minister. Sure he was assisted with the ineptitude displayed by Hekia Parata but he still managed to do it without shooting off both of his feet…unlike other Labour politicians.

Best political Journalist – Larry Williams

Larry isn’t so much a journalist but is a talkshow host, but the field was so poor this year it was easy to take out.

imgres-4Best Backbench MP – Kevin Hague

Backbench MPs were generally useless all year. So much so that A. Nother took out the award. To my mind though it was a toss up between Kevin Hague and Louisa Wall, until yesterday when Louisa was quoted as saying something very silly.

Kevin handled the manufactured Boag/Pullar ACC crisis properly and studiously rather than resorting to defamation and smears.

He has also calmly handled the marriage equality legislation in a manner that is far more considered than Louisa Wall. He gets my vote for best backbench MP.