Whaleoil Awards – Best Electorate MP


Damien O’Connor is back this year…locals there think he works incredibly hard, probably why he was re-elected at last year’s election.?cows4me?adds his support:

I like Damien O’Connor, said some sensible things when Fonterra was ramming TAF down our throats.

Honcho joins in:

And his ‘gaggle of gays and self serving unionists’ comment will go down in history, speaks from the heart of his electorate instead of towing same sorry party lines.

Sam Lotu Iiga is also back. GregM says:

My cuz out at one tree hill reckons Sam Lotu iiga is a good bastard, very approachable and gets shit done.

and Gazzaw tells it like it is:

Totally agree Greg despite Carol Beaumont & Richard Northey’s best efforts to white ant him. Both still put up the pretence of being MPs & Northey still swans around the electorate in a labour Party car.

Sam’s a top bloke and a good bastard to boot. He’s involved in everything in the electorate from kindergarten coffee mornings to footy club working bees (not Phil Goff style with the shiny shovel either). He works hard with local government and pushes Maungakiekie’s interests in Wellington. He is sometimes criticised for not putting in the yards in the House, well I don’t give a rat’s arse, the effort goes into the electorate which is as it should be. Give that man a DB!

Todd McLay is making waves too. JC from Rotorua explains why he is a nominee:

Todd McClay. We actually get a regular newsletter. He’s patron of one of the charities here and at the AGM this year he castigated members for not using him enough to raise profile and money etc.

He’s always a happy chap cooking sausages outside the supermarkets or tearing around the Bunnings car park in a wheelchair to raise money.
He’s a natural out among the public.. he almost challenges people to be happy.

I don’t know much about his performance in the Parliament but I would expect him to be good at gaining support from members for any project he pushed.. I also think he would get his ducks lined up better than most.

It is an even split between North and South with Nicky Wagner being nominated too. David comments:

I’d nominate Nicky Wagner. She did well to win Christchurch Central and has performed excellently in the role. I like the fact that she is always positive.

Whaleoil Awards - Best Electorate MP

  • Sam Lotu Iiga (40%, 85 Votes)
  • Damien O'Connor (28%, 61 Votes)
  • Todd McLay (19%, 41 Votes)
  • Nicky Wagner (13%, 28 Votes)

Total Voters: 215

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