Whaleoil Awards – Best Opposition MP

There is a real lack of talent in the opposition, but there are some standouts.

For me you can’t go past?Chris Hipkins for holding Hekia to account.

Chippie got really lucky this year. Nanaia was MIA so he got to ask National?s most inept minister some tricky questions about the dumb stuff that she was doing, and managed to make her look hopeless.

Unlike others in Labour all Chippie did was stick to the truth, ask simple and clear questions and keep the minister under pressure. This is not revolutionary, it is good opposition tactics, but too often Labour end up with someone useless like Trev or Grant who don?t know how to put pressure on by using the truth and resort to bullying and nastiness.

Successful opposition MPs deliver heads. Labour delivered no heads this year, Michelle Boag and Bronwyn Pullar delivered Nick Smith’s head but Labour had little to do with that. Chippie has yet to deliver Hekia?s head but he must be getting pretty close.

Surely there are other opposition MPs up for nomination.