Whaleoil Awards – Nominations Open

I am going to run my awards like last year. I will announce a category, then suggest a nominee. Readers can then add nominees in the comments. The next day I will add a poll with the top three nominees to allow readers to vote and contribute.

Today’s nominations are for Best Back Bench MP.

My nomination for this is Louisa Wall.

Louisa Wall entered parliament again off of the back of a strong union backing from the SWFU. However this year she has put her name to the Marriage Equality private members bill in order to address an imbalance in our archaic marriage laws.

Louisa has fronted this bill, and has been ably assisted quietly and diligently by Kevin Hague, whom I will also nominate because of a number of areas including his work on ACC, where he showed the Labour MPs who were busy defaming Judith Collins a far more constructive method of addressing the ills in ACC.

Both MPs have done well and proved that sometimes back bench MPs can make a difference.