Whaleoil Awards – Worst Political Blog

So many to choose from…here are a few ideas

The Standard Lynn Prentice’s Hate Speech Blog: Quite possibly the worst, mainly for their sanctimonious accusations of any other blog being a sewer without for a moment having a look at their own comments and commenters.

Tumeke: Martyn Bradbuy‘s frothing hate speech rant, with occaisonal delusions from Tim Selwyn. The only decent blogger there, Phoebe Fletcher, stays away, probably out of shame.

Pundit: Tim Watkins “blog”…where it is mostly the musings of unemployed old journalists and assorted pinkos.

Red Alert: Pretty dire and a boring these days… Trevor’s great social media experiment rots like a soviet naval base.

Then there are the also ran…while not bad per se they simply don;t get any traffic to warrant speaking about….but hey..if there is a bad one out there you think needs adding to the list then by all means comment away.

Then there are the bunny boilers and p freaks who blog, with their sanctimonious enablers.

Plenty to choose from.