WhaleTech: The Qii roll-up keyboard

One of the more exciting developments to leverage the power of the Internet has been the idea of crowd funding. ?You put up your idea, and see if the market backs it with cold hard cash.

qii keyboard

It seems the Qii Full sized, pocket sized rollable smartphone keyboard isn’t going to make the cut. ?Although it’s excited the geeks, both micro and macro money lenders have only backed its US$1.8M funding request with the cold reality of US$12,700 with 19 days of the request to go.

And yet the problem of typing on your smartphone or tablet being less than ideal remains. ?Or does it?

Cube Laser virtual keyboard

Cube Laser virtual keyboard

A 2007 review of the Virtual Infrared Keyboard suggests that we’ve been looking for a solution to wanting a small device to carry around, yet a full size keyboard to be available when we use it. ?And while most tech is offered at a price that inspires people to give it a go, a virtual infrared keyboard, these days marketed as a “laser keyboard”, still sells at Amazon for US$125 or more.

So it appears that in spite of our constant frustrations with smartphone and tablet typing chores, users aren’t willing to carry around another device and they’re not willing to use keyboards that don’t provide a proper tactile experience.

At least not enough of us to inspire US$1.8M of investment, anyway.

How do you cope with typing on your smart phones or tablets? ? Share it in the comments.

What:?Qii – Full sized & pocket sized rollable smartphone keyboard
How much: ?Crowd funded from US$5 per person at Indigogo
Will work with:?Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Palm phones and tablets