When Lap-Blogs go Feral

Yesterday David Farrar picked up something interesting from a comment by Mike Smith on The Standard Lynn Prentice’s hate speech blog:

Mike Smith blogs at The Standard:

I thought back to when we started the Standard. I was in the room too; our aim was to set up a labour movement blog and offer a counter to Kiwiblog’s pro-National line; not to join Farrar in making the prospect of Labour government the principal target for attack.

A fascinating statement, somewhat at odds with the traditional line that The Standard had nothing to do with Labour, and is just a bunch of individuals. Mike was of course the Labour Party General Secretary at the time, so his revelation that he was part of the group which established The Standard is significant. I blogged some time ago that it was an initiative started by Helen Clark’s office, and this confirms it.

Mike Smith was the General Secretary of the Labour party from 2001 until September 2009. He was also the person who told the Electoral Commission and the Auditor-General that they would account for the pledge card spending and then didn’t.

He also has said this:

I’m also not starry-eyed. I sat in Labour’s caucus as a non-voting member for eight years, and from time to time I had my say. As for policy, this year was the year of the manifesto – its here.http://www.labour.org.nz/about-us Next year will be where the detail gets done. Plenty of work for all.

It is perhaps pertinent for some history. I blogged about the Labour party and their close association with The Standard Lynn Prentice’s hate speech blog at the time. Essentially, like now, they were caught bragging and Labour and Lprent went into full obfuscation mode.

But it all started with this little claim from all_your_base:

Happy New Year

Cyber-Santa came a little late to The Standard this year but we’re certainly not complaining – evidently we’ve got a New Year’s present instead.

He and the techno-elves have moved us to a brand spanking new server cluster that should give us plenty of breathing room and make those pesky traffic congestion problems we were having a thing of the past.

Seriously though, it wasn’t really Santa. Just like James Bond apparently we have our very own M and it’s him we have to thank instead.

Mike Williams even had to explain it away on TVNZ.

Ever since then, whenever anyone mentioned this they were instantly banned and abused by lprent, the genius level master coder who thinks in binary.

Now Mike Smith has told us that there was definitely a plan to try and counter Kiwiblog…he was at the highest levels of Labour…and now he is, reportedly working in the leader’s office as well as blogging on The Standard Lynn Prentice’s hate speech blog. The Labour party and The Standard Lynn Prentice’s hate speech blog are still very much living under the same roof, although having some teenager style temper issues.

However there is a schism that has developed as the years have progressed. The baby that they illegitimately begat has turned on the parents. We know that there was still some sort of conduit between Labour and The Standard Lynn Prentice’s hate speech blog because recently data has been shared/taken/used from both Red ALert and The Standard and compared in order to identify the ring leaders of the insurrection. Clare Curran is the one most blamed for this.

Of course they will still use weasel words like it is a blog of the “broad left” and the “labour movement, with a small l” but I think we all know that there is …or at least there was a cosy little arrangement for them to be paid bloggers to counteract David Farrar.

They clearly didn’t count on me coming along and spanking their asses though…this poor little blogger with mental health issues, who is in the words of lprent, technically inept…and yet caning them month on month.

The funny thing is it take god knows how many authors and fulltime staffers to try to counteract David and myself and still they come third.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Brilliant piece of undercover work and discovery. This also confirms that Labour and their trolls / MPs will most definitely be reading WOBH which then leads to an excellent opportunity to help “educate” them on how the real world thinks and works …especially when you only have your own money to spend.

    Seems there’s now a challenge for Shearer / Labour to provide “guest commentators” across a number of topics now that its been confirmed they are active trolls in the blogosphere.

    bet they don’t have the courage though to publically voice opinions outside of their conferences / union meetings / captive audiences but do send their easily identifiable trolls trying to participate in educated debate. The trolls failure rates are about the same as those leaving school who are illiterate.

    C’mon Shearer how about offering credible debate on here? You wouldn’t be completely stitched up then on matters such as GCSB tapes etc…

    • Dave

      Bloke. Credible debate, labour, come on. But, would be good to see Shearer posing as Shearer and without hundreds of media advisors telling him what to say.

      • Pete George

        My biggest diasappointment with Shearer is he promised to be a refreshingly different non-politicised politician. Instead he has turned out to be even more of a packaged party puppet muppet than Goff was.

  • Pete George

    And (ironic at a blog that claims the high ground on the use of pseudonyms) a significant number of those political operators have not just delivberately hidden their identitites and intent, some have continuously lied about their real connections.

    And the worst of them have been protected by blog moderation that is also highly hypocritical.

    It’s been amusing to see the confused indignation when infighting amongst those who know each other getting vicious amongst themselves, with no big brother protection hovering.

    Typical of the weaselness were accusations yesterday, led by “His readers will do the mistaking, his part is called “bullshitting”.” From one of the biggest Standard bullshitting attack cowards. His readers will do the mistaking, his part is called “bullshitting”.His readers will do the mistaking, his part is called “bullshitting”. http://thestandard.org.nz/open-mike-26122012/comment-page-1/#comment-567097

  • Pete George

    And a joke posted this morning:

    …as this is to me and some others the LAST open forum that allows free
    discussion, independent of commercial and even party influence.

    Open as long as you arse lick the comrades. And…

    So stiff resistance, solid opinion, arguments, a solid, aggressive
    FIGHT will be at your hands, dear right brigades, you will NEVER have
    ever encountered the strength of this before. People had enough of your

    Also to David Farrar, whale rot, and whosoever thinks they can
    manipulate the public, wake up you guys, there is a storm coming. You
    are going to be OUT! We had enough, that is the majority of NZ, being
    betrayed and sold out, to what? Overseas, private interests, so you will
    have NO say left for the future of NZ?!

    Get off it, you belong to the bloody dustbin in the history of NZ.
    You are ROTTEN to the core, and we will take you on, day by day, sink in

    And that was immediately endorsed by the chief comrade lprent:

    “Good to see you are still taking the fight onwards.”

    No wonder Shearer is resisting leadership challenges amongst the Labour rubble with rabble that opposing him.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      And they blame MSM of being right wing? dafaq, since when is the NZ herald been like CNN?

    • Gazzaw

      My God! Straight out of a 1950s Pravda.

    • Jimmie

      PG no offence mate but your opinions of the strandard have some what deepened in their intensity since you were banned from there.

      Wasn’t that long ago you were quite happily cuttin/pastin/double postin/and linkin to crap over there many times a day.

      What happened? Did you get your knickers in a twist over the ban?

      • Pete George

        Jimmie, what you claim bears no resemblance to reality, unless you are simply deluded the intent of your comment is suspicious.

        I have never cut/pasted/linked many times a day, many times a week or many times a month, I have only ever done that infrequently.

        Since the very first time I commented at The Standard I had have been critical of their approach, both of their anonymous author attack posts which where often blatant bullshit, and of their attack the messenger tactics that were allowed (and sometimes joined) by moderators.

        By mixing it up with them I used to frequently get their knickers in a twist, not mine. They don’t like their bull being confronted, they are gutless would be bullies. Sadly that seems to be fairly representative of a significant part of Labour Party tactics and paranoia.

        • Ronnie Chow

          So would you say , Pete , that The Standard is a cult ?. Is there a leader/guru ?.

          • Pete George

            I don’t think it’s a cult, despite the apparent aspirations of lprent to be the technical and judicial guru.

            It’s a collective of mostly anonymous lefty activists with grand ideals that has allowed a gang mentality to become established, with summary justice (effectively, censorship) for anyone not deemed to be on the right (left) side.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Why do the retarded always shout while they fling their excrement all about the place?

  • Phil

    The Sub-standard is a toxic wasteland, the super dooper admin is a pathetic joke. I take a look occasionally, is very funny to watch them work themselves into a hand wringing frothing frenzy in a deluded belief that anybody cares. Bunch of half witted thick tossers!


  • cows4me

    What the fruitcakes on the left will never understand is it’s their fucking ideology that’s holding them back. A flash server, paid propaganda bullshit artists have failed to convince those of us of the on line community they offer anything more then higher taxes, wealth redistribution, political correctness, graft and corruption. They offer nothing new, same old lies same old big state nanny government, I despise these bastards.

    • Gazzaw

      Absolutely correct Cows. And there’s nothing middle NZ hates more than being told that they are ‘rich pricks’ and having their hard earned dosh confiscated by way of tax and donated to labour’s pool of voters.