Why Aren’t There Calls to Ban Hammers?

Guns, guns, guns. ?What an emotional topic. ?Someone uses a gun to hurt someone, and guns must be banned. ?Yet when childen get knifed, knives are safe. ?After all, we all use knives, we can clearly see how silly it would be to ban those.

How about hammers? ?Fielding Police are on the hunt for a man whoheld up the local Countdown supermarket ?- with a hammer:

Acting Detective Senior Sergeant David Thompson said a man in disguise went into the supermarket and robbed two cashiers of a quantity of cash, armed with what appeared to be a hammer.

He is then thought to have fled in the direction of Bailey Street and Denbigh Street.

“No one was hurt during the robbery but staff members were clearly shaken with what had occurred,” Mr Thompson said.

Regular readers will be very familiar with gun control issues, but the public just don’t get it.


“This robbery is now the third that has occurred in the last few days where Countdown supermarkets have been targeted,” he said.

Countdown is reviewing and beefing up security as a result of the robberies.

Oh, so reviewing security is a reasonable response? ?Not banning hammers?

What a sensible response.

No guns? ?Common sense.