Why does TVNZ go to the Drama Queen?

Self-promoting drama queen Peter O’Connor gets himself on TVNZ and releases on Voxy yesterday morning as an “expert”. He has no qualifications in this area and no expertise.

He?prophesies next year to be “worse than this year” and ?somehow he even thinks that the government is involved in?military?actions with illegal munitions against schools with the “Christchurch school cluster bombing”

“The education sector knows that the ideological agenda the government has set for education is bigger than one person and that Lesley Longstone’s resignation won’t unfortunately change the government’s direction. However, Associate Professor Peter O’Connor says that someone had to be thrown overboard to try and save the sinking ship. Lesley Longstone’s resignation is an admission that the government seriously underestimated the strength of the opposition to the agenda she was brought into New Zealand to lead. Coupled with an agenda that is increasingly unpopular the Ministry has been mired in basic incompetence. Its class room sizes debacle, the charter schools fiasco, the christchurch school cluster bombing, the Novo pay issues and the Salisbury school closure speak of a Ministry that has failed basic levels of competency. Simply put this is the worst performance by a Minister of Education and Ministry in living memory and someone either had to fall overboard or be chucked.”

It is not that the government “underestimated the strength of the opposition” – it is that they have made the bizarre assumption that those involved in the teaching of New Zealand children would actually want to arrest the decline, be innovation and actually help those that are failing to turn their lives around.

No one could have predicted the level of stupidity, self-serving and patch protection of the PPTA, NZEI and people like O’Connor. People who are willing to line their own pockets at the expense of the next generation.

Yep – there are issues to be solved but the MSM needs to talk to someone who actually knows a thing or two and not someone who profits out of education/taxpayers himself but doesn’t want anyone else to do so.