Why is Transtasman so cruel to my oldest friend in Caucus?

Transtasman’s 8th Annual Roll Call has been a bit cruel:

Simpson, Scott – Coromandel: We predicted last year he was unlikely to make an impact. We were right.  2

This is very unfair on my old mate Scott. He has three decades of fronting up to boring National Party meetings, glad handing the blue rinse brigade and getting involved in every shit fight possible at huge personal cost to protect the party.

Scott is the one National MP capable of the kind of low bastardry that Russel Norman shows, and is well practiced at the dark arts. He taught me huge amounts about meeting Labour’s dirty and illegal tactics with our own dirty and illegal tactics, and I will always remember the 1987 Eden campaign as a highlight where he helped me grow up and understand how brutal politics really is.

Everyone knows cabinet doesn’t trust Scott but that shouldn’t matter. Low bastardry should be prized, not spurned, and Scott should be asked to run the attacks on Labour as he is a genius at negative campaigning.

National should be doing more to protect Scott from the rumoured Labour/Greens dodgy deal to unseat him in Coromandel.


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  • niggly

    Transtasman can be a bit daft at times. As a Manawanavanawatuian, I take interest in their assessment of our local/regional MPs (Lees-Galloway, McKelvie, Guy), but TT seems off the mark with some assessments (mind you overall, ok with some and satirical with many).

    For ex, they say for Lees-Galloway, “not a bad effort in defence” (as Opposition spokesman on Defence issues). I call bullshit, the only thing of note that Lees-Galloway has done, was advocate (or more correctly, use) defence personnel issues to simply attack the Govt. That’s all he has done (mind you what would you expect? He is ex-student union and nursing union rep – that’s his worldy experience)!

    So no great insights into defence strategic planning, increased funding, organisation, procurement and ensuring the men and women have the right tools to safely conduct the tasks required of them by the Govt of the day, which they don’t and haven’t had for many decades. Nothing at all. He may as well be an Opposition Defence Welfare spokesperson for any value.

    Mind you he is an improvement on Labour’s previous Opposition Defence spokesman, the former gnome from Dunedin (ah Hodgeson that’s right) who only seemed to asked profound Defence questions in Parliament about how much time the PM spent flying around in choppers.

    Former Labour Defmin Burton was a joke (only Phil Goff seemed to take the portfolio seriously in terms of ensuring the troops had the right tools). Labour and Defence, sheeesh!

  • Anonymouse Coward

    What are the facts behind your claim that Mr Simpson is well practiced in the art of low bastardry?

    Links or it never happened.

    • A bit hard to link things we did in the dead of the night in the 80s before the internet.

      Idiot…I’ve been around a long time…know a lot of people…done a lot of things.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Fear not, for Scott to get a high ranking his work would have to come out of the shadows.
    The people who work behind the scenes in the shadowy places are there for a reason.

  • Rolla

    Well he has one thing in common with Russell Norman, they both seem about as intelligent as each other.

    But in all honnesty, he has more to worry about if the rumoured reincarnation of Sandra Goudie comes about with that new rural party. They say they will be list only, but if they changed there mind, and ran her as their candidate in Coromandel, then Scott should pack up his office as soon as she announces, as he’d get trounced by her. Remember the locals don’t like helicopter candidates.

    If Labour & the Greens do a deal, it still won’t dent a local strong National candidates polling success. Scott’s well he’s definately at risk, if The Greens stood someone less looney than Delahuntey. Remember Labour voters won’t vote for Delahunty, as she’s anti mining, and mining’s still a decent employer in Waihi, and throughout pockets of the Coromandel. Her only strong booths were around Coromandel, and small booths in the peninsula, and they’re not going to get her across the line.