Cowards First

As we saw from the “How to get rid of people at NZ First” post by Scott?a week ago, NZ First have a Constitution that clearly spells out the steps the party needs to undertake to eject a member from its ranks.

It apears The NZ First Board have found the out they were looking for:

NZ First says list MP Brendan Horan has lost his membership of the party after informing Parliament he is now an independent MP.

In a statement after a meeting this evening, the NZ First board said Horan, by his own action in notifying the Speaker that he be regarded as an independent Member of Parliament, had relinquished his membership of the New Zealand First political party.

The NZ First Constitution decrees the following if a member wants to resign.

(a) Membership may be terminated by voluntary resignation

It doesn’t say, “Membership may be terminated by informing the Speaker of the House”.

Common sense would say that you announce your resignation to the organisation that you are resigning from. ?And that does not appear to have happened in this case.

But this doesn’t matter to the NZ First board. ?Showdown and media circus avoided.

Surely the NZ First Constitution is simply a Guideline Document….