Working together the Labour/Green way

And they think they can work together?

The left scrapping continued yesterday… this time over deep sea oil drilling and the Petrobras decision to quit the East Coast.

Current Labour Leader David Shearer said:

“His party supported deep sea drilling as long as appropriate safeguards and criteria were met.  Deep sea drilling could help New Zealand’s economy.”

But Green Energy spokesman and anti-growth zealot Gareth Hughes issued this statement

The Green Party welcomed news that Petrobras has abandoned its plans to conduct risky deep sea oil drilling in New Zealand and says it shows the Government’s plans for deep sea drilling are collapsing.

“The Government’s deep sea drilling plans have so far failed, and it’s just as well. Petroleum development, including deep sea drilling, is the wrong focus for our economy, said Green Party energy spokesperson Gareth Hughes.

“We can create a smart, green economy by moving away from risky extractive activities like deep sea oil drilling, and towards renewable energy and clean-tech jobs,” said Mr Hughes.

Good grief, imagine the boy MP as energy minister…he is so anti-progress he’d re-open buggy whip manufacturing as a clean-tech industry.

Green jobs are what happen when the liver excretes bright green bile into the small intestine…..if you think green jobs are good, you seriously need to be clubbed like baby seal.


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  • pass me the bat

    • Mitch82

      Get in line.

  • GregM

    Petrobras has shelved plans because of a large loss in their last quarter earnings,for the first time in 13 years, and a 40% drop in their share value.
    The companies decision has nothing to do with the greenpeace / green party, nothing to do with whinging iwi, and nothing to do with the government.
    What planet are these people on?

  • maninblack

    Can someone please give me an example of a “Clean Green Tech” job. Just one.
    This job has to employ people, not be statefunded, have growth potential, have no orignial resources from mining or oil etc and pay tax.
    Just one. Please!! I am not sure it exists at this point!

    • Mediaan

      A job certificated by the new department of green tech jobs, which employs 300,000. They are compulsorily attached “on secondment” to private companies, who pay them. And they very seldom issue a certificate, except to pig swill sweepers and spade operators on organic farms.

      • Mediaan

        By the way. Dr Russel Norman has employment experience in two of the jobs mentioned above. Right after he failed as a med student, failed to be elected to state parliament in Queensland, helped with the Socialist Workers Party, and then left for NZ.

        • Phar Lap

          “then left for NZ”,to destroy the economy of that country by lies and deceit.

        • Gazzaw

          So he was too dumb to become a real doctor?

          • Mediaan

            Yes. His doctorate, from Macquarie, is on the subject of commie politics. The Alliance Party in NZ, and the glorious days of being rude to Ruth. He graduated in hating private enterprise. This cosying up to senior lefty figures was immensely helpful when Green took him up, and the (thoroughly practical and decent) Rod Donald died suddenly at a young age.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Yes, I can maninblack. A clean job is building wattle and daub houses. For instance, if a Labour-Green coalition becomes government in the next election, 100,000 houses will be built over ten years. Thus construction material costs will be kept down along with destroying the timber mill industry and the building hardware industry in NZ and having the added benefit of reducing those industries carbon footprint to nil.
      Paths to the houses will be made of crushed shells collected by hand from beaches. Each house will have a lovely cottage garden with no genetically modified plants rearing their ugly heads. This garden will attract bees which can then be used in the collection of Royal Jelly. A small vegetable garden will be sited on each section so as the owners will be able to grow lentils and rose hip. The gardens will be landscaped by people with a “green” qualification from an approved educational institute. The Government will legislate sunshine with a gentle breeze for each property.
      See? Clean tech leads to all these lovely things,

      • maninblack

        Those shells you talk of, will be protected or endangered, so i dont belive we will have nice pathways.

        • niggly

          Yeah and you won’t be able to walk on those shells, as that would be disrespectful!

          • Bunswalla

            You’ve found some shells? Stop construction immediately, you are clearly violating an ancient midden (rubbish dump). There must be a taniwha around here somewhere.

  • Red

    Like what renewable energy strategies Gareth? Which ones again? …. the ones you’ve seen on a website, but as yet haven’t been invented? Easy to sit back and wank on about this, when there’s little chance of ever having to front up and make it work.

  • Mitch82

    Gareth needs to get off his petrol powered high horse.

  • tarkwin

    Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is a clean – tech job? And where in Northland can I find one of these? Shame about Petrobras leaving, but at least they introduced us to Elvis Teddy while they were here. He was the protester who tried to disrupt their prospecting with his boat, no one was really sure if he got arrested for his protest or for having a stupid name. At the end of the day he was only cannon fodder for the watermellons.

    • Grizz30

      A clean tech job is one where you can turn up at 9am. Have a natter, drink coffee and go home at 3pm with a feeling that you have made a difference to the world. As for an example of this I really have nothing.

      • Mediaan

        If you were a sheet-metal worker, you are still a sheet-metal worker, but now your factory is only allowed to produce things with an OK Sticker issued by a special Green Secret Police.

      • tarkwin

        Thanks for that, I think I may have unwittingly cracked it. I’m in sales – 10 till 2 Tuesday to Thursday, I produce bugger all, spout dubious crap about my products and generally waste peoples time. My god I’ve turned green! My only saving grace is the Commodore! Have pity on me I know not what I do!

        • Gazzaw

          Well that Commodore will have to go tarkwin. Trade it in for a wooden bicycle right now. Being in a non-approved job though you may not qualify for a bike permit.

          • niggly

            Sorry but wood are from living trees and thus like cows in India they must be worshipped too. I’d suggest the bikes will need to be made out of dried out cow dung – nice and natural and what a good way to re-use natural waste.

        • Mediaan

          Nice sense of humour there.

          For you if serious, or anyone in that position, quick! Get rich now. Your hours are perfect. Start a business in your non-sales hours.

          There is no more perfect set-up for it than an existing part-time job. So many people sigh and long for a modest base-income plus free time.

          Just what you have!

          Buy a window-washer or a gutter-sweeper or a … Walk around letter-boxing your home-printed leaflets in a suitable area …

          Or be creative and think of something new and cheap with immediate returns.

          Sir Robert Jones, property tycoon and political mover, as I recall said he started with a bright idea. He ordered printed paper covers to protect library books, after having sold libraries on the idea they needed them. They were cheap rough paper and they carried a lot of local advertising. (Way to go.)

          • tarkwin

            Unfortunately I already own the company which in reality makes me an evil capitalist exploiting anyone and everything whilst getting filthy rich. I wish young Gareth would pop over sometime and give me a hand to balance the books. I have an overdraft the size of a small countries turn over and nobody pays on time. That is why I spend my spare time drinking, gambling and coming up with get rich quick ideas. can’t wait for the green economy to come along and fix all my problems! Thanks for giving me hope, Gareth! Now go out and get a real job you watermelon wanker.

          • Mediaan

            Should have known from the wry humour that you were no beginner.

  • cows4me

    Hughes and his retarded mates have missed their true calling. The Amish would welcome them with open arms. How much are one way tickets to the states these days?

    • Alistair Miller

      The Amish would loathe them. The Amish are not freeloading, trough-snuffling scumbags. They are honest, decent, hardworking people. Everything the political class – from all teams – is not.

      • Mediaan

        “The political class”? “The Amish?”

        Stop posing and drop the mask. You’re not an Amish-lover. You wouldn’t get on with the Amish for five minutes, if you were pushed in there on a wooden cart and dropped off.

        Did some Nazis use childhood sexual abuse on you, to recruit you? It’s what they do. Before they make the kid feel so helpless he feels his only option is to join them. Long-used, long-developed military techniques.

        Walk away, Alistair. There’s a big wide world out there.

  • Frank Thomas

    The Greens will never let the truth get in the way when they make a press statement.
    All they are interested in is the sound bite that will play on the evening news saying what a great victory they have achieved through their efforts to stop oil exploration.
    They continually get a free ride from the MSM and no one apart from WO holds them to account for their hypocritical BS!
    A Green/Labour/Winston First coalition government is a scary proposition for NZ……..

  • ConwayCaptain

    How do the Greens expect NZ to get its goods to market without using ships/planes.
    There have been attempts to get shipping cos to use modern sailing ships or wind assissted ships but to no avail as they are expensive and do not increase speed or really reduce fuel consumption.
    How do the Greens expect to have Green Industries when many of these in the new technology field use rare earths, need power to run etc etc.
    The trouble is as I have pointed out on many occasions is that the majority of the MPs coming into the house especially in Labour and Greens are overeducated and under experienced.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Conway, they don’t want to get goods to the evil global market! Isolationism is their context. They will shift things around NZ by horse and cart on dirt and mud roads that will revert to nature over time. They will cross the Cook Straight on bamboo rafts Kontiki style. This is presupposing they don’t ban the wheel. Or bamboo.

  • Phar Lap

    Thats what happens, when a band of unelected psychopath grinches get into parliament under the guise of MMP .Everytime they make a statement regarding the so called well being of NZs wellbeing ,their statements reek of financial treason,and a deep seated desire to wreck the NZ economy.Most of it inspired by the Australian Commie Russel Norman,who tells light weights like Gareth Hughes what to say.

    • Phar Lap

      Just heard on Newstalk ZB that a constituional Professor has said in writing that the worst voting system in the world was our tail wagging MMP system.John Key let the country down, when the last time the nation had a vote to rid the country of such an evil voting system ,he scarcely gave it lip service.He should have thought about the long term future of NZ , for once not going for the short term popularity vote.When we now hear or read how the minor parties can chest beat on most things,sadly John Key has done the nation a total disservice.

      • Mediaan

        Not sure, PL. Thinking back to earlier periods of National, the current Nat government is qualitatively much better. IMO, of course. More the sort of staff I would pick, if I were staffing a huge business. They are more competent and their character traits give me more confidence.

        What has caused this?

        The younger voters brought in to vote? Doubt it.

        More diversity in Parliament, through MMP, making more kinds of noise? Well not really, because it is counter-balanced by excessive voter volatility, the “well if you do that, I am annoyed, I am voting for XYZ reaction.” Impulsive slightly superficial responses to any issue drummed up overnight by the media. “I think the cup of tea was suspicious, so I’ll move my vote to …” This is terribly bad, because we get suddenly swelled parties, and low grade people off the bottom of some party list making it into Parliament. But… Diversity could be a factor.

        The excellent business management skills of John Key? I think yes. A skilled business manager with experience is what we have needed for so long.

        • Alistair Miller

          Bullshit. Key is *not* a “skilled business manager”. His background is in market trading, which is neither a “business” nor requires a “skill” – other than sniffing which way the wind is blowing, and moving as quickly as possible to profit from it). Which is *precisely* how he has run this utter disgrace of a government.

          The only positive about John Key as PM – and it is the *only* one, and it is a very small one – is that the other mob would be worse.

          • greatscott

            Did you watch the Close Up archive of Key from the 80s?

            Other traders lost money at least 1 day a week – key lost 1 day the entire year.

            You obviously know nothing about how intelligent this man is, so please find the nearest cactus and stick it up your arse.

            Regards, everyone

          • Alistair Miller

            I didn’t say he isn’t smart. I said he isn’t a business manager (of any kind, let alone a skilled one). And your comment proves not that he was a skilled business manager, but that he was very, very good at market trading (a fact which I did not dispute). Being a skilled business manager means nurturing a business, growing it over many years, managing a (hopefully) loyal base of customers and turning that into a profit. Market trading involves sniffing the breeze and acting accordingly to maximise profit. They are two very different things.

            My point was that by being a very very good market trader, and by using the same tactics in the political realm, the Quisling Key has no foundation principles from which to act. Witness his arrogant dismissal of CIRs (in exactly the same way previous governments have), and his cozying up to the vile and unpopular apartheid party.

            If he had any principles which he could eloquently espouse (such as, for example, those on which his party was founded and in which a very large number of New Zealanders still believe) he could have done real “good” during his tenure. Instead, he has allowed the corrupt Finlayson to run the racial division agenda. He has allowed Mr 22% to run the economy. And he’s allowed Joyce to run the rest of government business. As a result, New Zealand is more racially divided, more indebted, more broke and our society is closer to destruction than when he was swept to power.

          • In Vino Veritas

            Of course Key is a business manager Alistair. His trading days finished long before he was made Head of Global ForEx at Merrill. He then ran a business unit with 1000’s of staff. Alongside of that, he was on the ForEx Committee of the New York Federal Reserve Bank.
            Sniffing the breeze? If it was that easy, there’d be an awful lot of very wealthy people around the world.

          • Mediaan

            You are so wrong on business. Clearly you have never run one.

          • Mediaan

            Just read this silly little explosion of jealousy, misinformation and hate.

            Where are you writing from, Alistair? Glasgow? Birmingham? No New Zealand political literate would speak of “the” other mob.

            We have several other mobs here.

            He’s popular, he’s very able, he’s done better than you and your ilk, get over it. Work on yourself. Walk away from the twits around you and enrol in something.

      • Mostly_Harmless

        I think the nation did itself a disservice.

      • parorchestia

        Do you recall who it was? I agree the system could hardly be worse. It amazes me that so many like it.

        • Phar Lap

          If you check out Newstalk ZB TAPES on the Leighton Smith show ,todays programme sometime between Ten and Twelve.Most likely prior to 11.30 am.Good listening.

          • parorchestia

            Very many thanks.

  • In Vino Veritas

    The utterances of Hughes unfortunately reflect his background in activism. He has had no job in the real world with his working life having been spent at Greenpeace, the worldwide political organisation. Hughes is just another activist with no scientific training that regurgitates slogans and passes them off as fact. No Green Party politician has yet told New Zealand what “clean tech” is. And nor have any of them admitted that “renewable energy” is generally extortionately expensive to harness and produce.

    It is bad enough that 30 odd % of New Zealanders think Labour is a viable option when they have no sensible answers to (a) economic issues and (b) the effect they have on NZ’rs (other than to tax those few that are paying all the tax even more), but to think that 11% of NZ’rs are lunatic fringe enough to vote for these economic illiterates who wish us back into the dark ages is astounding.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    “…..if you think green jobs are good, you seriously need to be clubbed like baby seal.” – Sorry Whale Bro. TV1 poll has proved that there are closer to 50% of the Kiwis think Green jobs are good by electing the Labour-Green government. So time to start appreciating Green jobs and spread the message to the masses.

    • Mediaan

      Utter rubbish. People are not as stupid as you hope.

      Ask 100 people on the street what policies Labour and Green would have, if they were in power. 80% wouldn’t know, and less than 3% would have heard of green jobs.

      You are talking about people voting for 15% Shearer or (don’t know, way less than 8% I think) Norman.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        TV1 polled 1000 people Mediaan and they have spoken…Labour + Green in power 2014. The Standard has already published the cabinet positions….

        • parorchestia

          I’m not sure that the all allegiances will hold true. I think a lot of working people know that NZ has to have a sound economy, so in the secrecy of the ballot box they will vote National to protect their jobs and their possessions.
          “Tried Socialism – didn’t like it”, could be their motto.

        • Mediaan

          Always like that, midway between elections. Means nothing. As you well know.

    • DJ

      Why don’t you put up or STFU.

      What is a green job. Give us one example.

      • starboard

        mowing lawns…

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        OK DJ, now that you have questioned the future Finance Minister’s idea of Green jobs, I will give 10 examples, not one. Here it goes DJ bro:

        1. Paint all the Government buildings “green” using organic dye
        2. Grow “green” plantation all over the country
        3. Grow “green” grass
        4. Make “green” colour flags
        5. Print money in “green” colour notes
        6. Grow “green” grapes
        7. Look at Australian rich pricks and go “green” with envy while we beg on the streets
        8. Smoke “green” stuff
        9. Drink stuff from “green” coloured bottles
        10. Rename All Blacks as All “Greens” and make them a world class ballet team.

        • Hazards001

          Hahahaha …. I’m so going into T shirt only of course

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        Blowing a cheesy knob.

    • Alistair Miller

      What fucking “green jobs” you moron? There is no such thing. There is only crony capitalism which wraps itself up in the language of the marketplace and the religious dogma of the Reverend ManBearPig, which cannot exist outside of government subsidies and which makes products nobody wants (like the incendiary Chevy Volt).

      Unless there’s a factory somewhere making certified organic baby seal clubs?

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Mr Miller – People have spoken. They like Sheep’s KiwiBuild and Norman’s “Green Jobs” and they have responded in TV1 poll. I am just a messenger spreading their word around. So don’t shoot me. Green jobs are the way to go and if you need a green job, I can get you one when the Labour-Green Government will be in power in 2014.

        • Alistair Miller

          If Labour and the Greens come to power in 2014, it will mean the death of the New Zealand economy. If sufficient numbers of kiwi voters are stupid enough to think Red Russel’s money-printing pixies and the union movement’s economic policies will lead them to riches, then I have a unicorn turd I can sell them. Seriously, if such a large number of kiwis vote to live under a communist dictatorship, then they deserve to live under a communist dictatorship … with all of the pain, misery and poverty that involves.

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            Mr Miller – Can’t agree more. BTW, I was pulling your leg. I hate the Greens and Labour like hell. Just to make your day, here is the talented 2014 cabinet line up that could make your stomach churn. Enjoy the rest of your day!

            PM – Shearer

            Finance – Norman

            Social Dev – Turei

            Econ Dev – Parker

            Health – Hague

            Education – Robertson G

            CERA – Dalziel

            Housing – Ardern

            Transport – Genter

            Justice – Chauvel

            Energy – Hughes

            Labour – Little

            Environment – Twyford

            Attorney-General – Chauvel

            Foreign Affairs – Goff

            Maori/Treaty – Mahuta

            Climate Change – Graham

            Police – Little

            Internal Affairs – Dyson

            Commerce – Cosgrove

          • Alistair Miller

            AAARRRGGGHH!! My eyes!!! Pass the bleach!

            Now I’m *really* wishing I had taken Australian citizenship in my 10 years living there. If that lot get their grubby paws on the golden ring of power, watch the exodus gather pace. The airlines are gonna have to start an hourly shuttle from Auckland to Sydney!

            Ah well, New Zealand has had a century-long love affair with big-government socialism. Perhaps it’s time for us to reap what we sow.

          • SJ00

            Christ I hope National run a superb ad campaign during election year. This list is enough for me to shit myself.

          • Travis Poulson

            Indeed, nothing worse than voting for someone only to have the person you didn’t want getting in via PCP (parliamentary coattails policy/MMP) .

          • Travis Poulson

            Labour – Fenton
            Education – Duck (again)

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Can anyone tell me what the fuck a “smart, green economy” is? And how it might be different to a “dumb, red economy”?

  • Mitch82

    I would love to be able to transfer my memory of Australian mining/drilling/refining operations into Gareth’s mind, since he’s unlikely to ever go and try it for himself.

    I worked in Mount Isa, Queensland, for 4 years, both underground and at the Copper Smelter. They took what was barren desert with valuable minerals, built mining and refining infrastructure around it, and when finished, are progressively turning it into what looks like a beautiful oasis with their reclamation of land (as of when I left, the visible parts of reclaimed land you can see from the town, where the public can drive, look better than what the local council’s workers are capable of in town). Sure, it’s not a 100% Pure tourism photo in the ‘during’ stage, but an entire town has been built in the desert based on one simple mineral. It’s a living, breathing, functioning town where people live and die, not some outpost that is being raped for it’s resources, to be abandoned once the last ounce of resource is extracted. They have one problem, which is lead pollution in the air, which is a result of lax controls in earlier years, which has been more than solved now.

    As an aside, the copper that I was personally involved in mining and refining a few years back is probably now sitting inside the iPad he uses, made by slave labor in China.

    As with everything Gareth says, I get the impression he’s speaking based on his experience with the brochures, not from actual experience seeing what happens in the situations he’s railing against.

    • Mediaan

      Very enlightening comment, knew nothing about that. Thanks.

  • ConwayCaptain

    In todays Daily Telegraph is an article on FRACKING.
    Companies are movinmg back to the US because now energy costs in Pensylvania etc are now so low it outweighs the low labour cost in the PRC.
    In the UK they are going to start FRACKING in Lancashire as their is GAS there and the UK will build 30 GAS powered power stations in the next 10 years.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Captain – There is enough gas here in the backside of Sheep and Norman. No need for fracking,

  • greatscott

    In today’s news, Police have discovered 400 cannabis plants growing in a shed in Northland.

    Green leader Russel Norman spoke to the Herald and said “It is a nightmare that our Police are against our Green jobs – John Key deserves an inquiry against him for perverting the course of going Green.”

  • Phar Lap

    Think they could work together,both parties are manifest liars.Just heard that Goff today in Parliament has scored a huge own goal against well known business man Peter Kiely,he accused him of being a crook.Subsequently it appears it is the other way around Goff has shot himself in the foot.Ouch.Thats two own goals in one day from corrupt Lie-bour Party.First it was beavermouth Ardern,Now gap-tooth Goff.Seems both are keen to get their teeth into something,even though they are jumping at shadows, or just looking in the mirror.A sight not for the squeamish.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Yes bad times 2014-2017 and after that Greens will cease to exist as a party. They will disintegrate for good.

  • Here is a great way to create thousands of ‘smart green’ jobs
    Just watch this

    Phase 1 is already complete