WTF is wrong with our judges?

A crim hugging dud judge has decided the smoking ban in Auckland Prison isn’t lawful.

He reckons that their jail cells are their living rooms and their right to smoke should be protected.

Maybe we should put in some jacuzzis too?

Has the judge forgotten that the taxpayer forks out a hundred thousand a year for these bozos to be punished?

If the Government says they can’t smoke then that’s the way it is going to be.

Corrections is quite rightly ignoring the judge and keeping the ban in place.

Meanwhile the Minister Anne Tolley makes her thoughts clear to the judge.

“The smoking ban in prisons has been a great success and there is no way we are backing away from it. Prisons are safer and healthier places for staff and offenders, and if we need to change the law to maintain this then that is what we will do.”

Another spectacular own goal from a judge.