70 Broken Promises, Cameron leads a lying government

David Cameron stands accused of leading a lying government. With 70 broken promises it is hard not to agree.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg will on Wednesday publish a candid assessment of the Coalition’s successes and failures that was excluded from its Mid-term Review, The Daily Telegraph has learnt.

The Deputy Prime Minister declared last month that the Government would provide voters with an audit of which targets it had missed and which it had achieved alongside the official review.

But the annex, which consists of about 100 pages, was not published on Monday. Its existence emerged only when one of Mr Cameron’s senior advisers was photographed in Downing Street on Tuesday carrying a document that discussed the advantages and disadvantages of releasing it. The audit is understood to concede that the Coalition has missed dozens of pledges covering pensions, road building and criminal justice. 

On Tuesday night, following inquiries from The Daily Telegraph, senior aides to the Prime Minister said it would be released on Wednesday afternoon . It was intended that the document be published alongside Monday’s Mid-Term Review but appears to have been removed at a late stage amid fears that it would overshadow the “favourable coverage” the Government received on the main television news bulletins.

On Tuesday, Patrick Rock, Mr Cameron’s political adviser, was seen carrying a “restricted” document that warned that the full version of the Mid-Term Review would contain an annex identifying “problematic areas” and lead to “unfavourable copy” identifying “broken pledges”.

The document suggests that the annex could be “published without fanfare” on the Government’s website several days after the release of the main review. This was planned to stop “difficult points” overshadowing the “favourable coverage”.

Seventy pledges is a lot. Though they face the same problem National faced here, the full impact of the global financial crisis which continues to lurch onwards as politicians fail to grasp the nettle.


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  • Hazards001

    Nooooo…a lying politican??? Tell me it ain’t so!