A bad Judge

A Judge has got a little teary eyed at having to lock up some nice looking, impeccable DRUG DEALERS:

Two men with “impeccable backgrounds” have been jailed for running a commercial cannabis-growing ring.

Paul David Jensen and Jaak Roy Karu have been sentenced to three years in prison after police discovered hundreds of plants hidden in three homes in suburban Auckland.

The pair, both 43, pleaded guilty to cultivating, possessing for supply and selling the Class-C drug at a level of sophistication that Judge Mary Beth Sharp said left her with no choice but to impose jail time.

“It never gives a judge any pleasure to sentence people to imprisonment, let alone men of your age with impeccable backgrounds and all the family and community support that is available, but I regret that is my job.”

No Judge Mary Beth Sharp, they aren’t what you say, they are drug dealing scum. They should have been locked up, and without you liberal panty-waist namby-pamby comments.

Now take some advice from Chopper:


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  • blokeintakapuna


    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition…

    All these people have vast experiences dealing with the absurd hypocrisy of these anti-herb laws when contrasted against the likes of alcohol & tobacco laws…

    Just sayin’… if we didn’t tolerate needless waste and hypocrisy and adults were free to grow a naturally growing, God-given herb, then this senseless waste needn’t have happened.

    Yes, commercial operation – but supply & demand market forces encouraged this. Allow adults the freedom to grow their own medicine on their own property… and this entire situation disappears overnight.

    Legalise it, control it, and tax it… and government will find that Northland and Coromandel are perhaps the Regions in NZ who pay the highest tax per capita…

    In 2013 – this should be an education and health issue – not a criminal issue over a God-given herb with medicinal and hundreds of other uses… FFS!

    • stinkeye3

      Oh yeah?

      So you’re telling me that in Northland, which has basically no jobs, people who make money growing and selling dope will just accept the loss of income?

      That crime won’t go through the roof as the product they made a large profit on because sold at the dairy for cheaper, so they have to find ways to earn money instead? such as robbing your house.

      • blokeintakapuna

        well – they would probably try and sell something else if their market was to suddenly disappear – and yes, probably even revert to stealing in some cases… but the law will deal with thieves. They could always try employment – maybe even self-employment to earn some money instead of trying to steal it from someone else.

        It’s not that “marijuana” is the cause of this potential illegal activity – it’s the other issues surrounding keeping MJ’s status as an illegal drug – when it’s just another God-given herb, all adults should be free to choose if they wish to use it’s medicinal benefits or not.

        By your same arguement’s logic, you’re saying that keeping MJ illegal is actually helping to keep burglaries low and therefore it should remain illegal to minimise crime? It doesn’t stack up.

        Besides – 70 y/o Great Aunt should be allowed to grow her own medicine and use it as she sees fit – instead of the multitude of man-made pharmaceuticals that often have horrific side-effects and unintended consequences.

        • Richard McGrath

          Agreed – Nanny State would much prefer you to be addicted to class B drugs like morphine rather than class C drugs like cannabis.

      • Mr_Blobby

        I think the point is that prohibition doesn’t work. So you legalize it, license it (growers and sellers) and TAX it.

        Currently if you are caught growing and selling an illegal crop, cannabis, you get a slap on the hand. Look at the case of the guy who grew and sold a legal crop, tobacco, the fines were absolutely horrific, they went into the 10’s of thousands of dollars, because of the excise TAX and penalties.

        Now if we went with the policy of the political wings of the gangs Mana and Maori parties and made tobacco illegal, what do you honestly think would happen, would people stop smoking because it was now illegal.No it would be a very lucrative business for criminals.

        • stinkeye3

          Tobacco dogs at the airport?

        • Richard McGrath

          Legalise it and let the market set the price and create pressure for good quality safe merchandise. Don’t tax it. Taxes are nasty, violent and unnecessary if you reduce the size of government.

      • tarkwin

        Not that many growing pot up here now days – too many gangs with too much control. They take more than IRD ever would, and if you don’t pay….

        • Richard McGrath

          Legalise weed and you pull the rug out from under the gangs. They desparately want all drugs to remain illegal, and would no doubt support alcohol prohibition as that would open up a whole new potential clientele.

      • redeye

        Are you suggesting we should keep the prohibition on pot to prevent the criminals from doing anything else? That’s some pretty weird logic.

        • stinkeye3

          Thats exactly what I’m saying. Think about it. It stops most people from growing because they fear the law, so up goes the price. This gives criminals incentive to earn money without directly hurting anyone. Yoiu remove this major revenue source, and they’ll resort to other criminal activites such as robberies, armed hold ups and fraud

    • im not thrilled about dope being illegal either but the law is the law and law breakers are criminals and criminals need to be punished.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Change Marijuana for Tomatoes and you’ll realize how crazy this all is .

    • Dave

      And I hear tomatoes and similar fruit and veges grow easily up there and have a good market. But that would mean a non cash crop! Never work in the winter less north

      • Mr_Blobby

        The penalties for growing a legal crop ,like tobacco, far exceed anything you get for growing an illegal crop like cannabis. Steal from Joe public and it is a slap on the wrist. Steal from the Government and expect some very severe punishments.

        • Pissedoffyouth

          Same with selling home brewed booze, considering how easy it is I’m surprised not more people are caught doing it

      • Gazzaw

        Tomatoes tend to be soggy and difficult to light.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Imagine the boost to the economy if it was legal. People on the dole and growing a bit of dope on the side, could apply for a license. Come off the benefit and start contributing to society. Those that continued to flaunt the law would face some very stiff penalties for dodging excise and other Taxes .

  • ‘ God given herb’ pleeezeeee. You actually think that is a compelling argument?

    Many poisons come from nature as do other drugs. Ever heard of the Poppy? Lovely little flower isn’t it. Couldn’t possibly do any damage given that it is from nature ( dripping sarcasm ) I work with stoned teenagers and their stoner families. There is NOTHING good about this drug. Don’t whine to me about its medicinal properties, we all know that that is not what the majority want to use it for. They use it to forget their crap lives. Instead of dealing with life they smoke their problems away making their lives worse and worse in reality but marijuana is lovely that way because it stops you caring. It keeps people in their sad lives, deluded that they are happy, taking away eventually everything that they really need to be happy. it is a disgusting drug and the fact that tobacco and alcohol which are legal also do damage is NOT a reason to make the same mistake with this drug.

    • stinkeye3

      The problem with weed is it removes all drive and motivation, makes you happy with being in crap situations. I smoked daily for 10 years, stopped 5 years ago and realise how much I could have done in those 10 years.

      • pukakidon

        Sounds abit like the dole. Removes all drive and motivation, happy to be in shit situation. After 10 years realise how much a wast of time it was.

        • Pissedoffyouth

          They go hand in hand, thats for sure

    • redeye

      So hows this prohibition stuff working out for these people with their crap lives? Something disgusting about governments telling grown adults what they can ingest into their own bodies.

    • I agree with you about the long term effects of heavy cannabis use (though not every user fits the description you’ve provided). I also know from experience of watching people close to me go through hell on harder drugs that cannabis can sometimes be a “gateway” drug in that it exposes smokers to polydrug users who encourage their uptake of harder drugs.

      But addiction is a health issue, not a legal one. Other drugs are much easier to smuggle into jail, so again the cannabis user is perversely incentivised to switch to something harder.

      If government set itself up as a supplier of safe, clean, free addictive drugs of every kind and made them available to registered addicts on the proviso they remained in a rehabilitation program, there’d be benefits across health, crime, families and other sectors, and most of the dealer scum would find their client base disappeared overnight.
      But who among our political “leaders” has the courage to propose this?

      • Richard McGrath

        Good suggestion Rex. I believe Don Brash might have proposed this had he survived in politics a little longer. The Libertarianz Party would be comfortable with it as part of the transition to legalising all recreational substances (which is different from supporting their use – just as I support keeping tobacco legal but don’t smoke myself).

    • Gazzaw

      Thank God for some common sense at last SB. I’m continually amazed on this site that normally rational posters pose such crazy arguments in support of decriminalising marijuana. It takes people like you who have to deal with the shit at the coalface to remind them of the dangers of dope. It’s the thin end of the wedge and the penalties for any form of crime involving dope should be exactly the same as those for the so-called hard drugs

      • redeye

        I’m continually amazed on this site that normally rational posters would so fervently support the intrusion by governments into the private lives of adults.

    • Hazards001

      Well said, I was going to put some comments up that a close family member used to make when involved in counseling but yours covers it better and it’s not my area. I just took on board years ago what I was told and have avoided THC like the plague.

  • “It never gives a judge any pleasure to sentence people to imprisonment,” WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

    i want my judges to be vengeful and ruthless and LOVE SENDING CRIMINALS TO JUSTICE!!!!!! i would.

    • Rodger T

      Welcome to the alternate universe that is the NZ “Justice” system.

    • StupidDisqus

      Fuck that. If the cops had Glock’ed em then they’d be no waste of money on lawyers, juries, guards, courts, prisons, probation… not to mention judges!

  • DangerousE

    Fuck these guys. Impeccable backround my arse. when you lie to your children, your family and friends so that you can make yourself some easy money by growing and selling illegal drugs at the expense of society you can get fucked. 3 years to easy, whos to say these two fuckwits wouldnt have got a taste for the easy money, the judge shouldve gave a good boot on the way to jail. glad these arseholes got whats coming to them. this is not about prohibiton this is about two pricks trying to make cash illegally at the expense of everybody else.

  • fozzie2

    Decriminalise it – save heaps in the police and MOJ budgets – then sink that money into the health system – up the mental health vote – there would be many on this list that would benefit from that !

  • StupidDisqus

    They should have been locked up, and without you liberal panty-waist namby-pamby comments.

    always pleased to spend my tax dollars on food, board, heat, lodging, plubming…

  • Richard McGrath

    Cam, by those comments you imply that people don’t have the right to put intoxicating drugs into their body, in which case they should also not be allowed to drink alcohol (a far more dangerous drug than cannabis). If people can’t ingest intoxicating recreational substances, they don’t enjoy sovereignty over their bodies and thus are chattels of the State.

  • Hazards001

    Well I’ll be…who would have thought that a judges inane comment would have turned over so many pot heads on one blog?