A funny thing happened on the way to the forum, Caesar got rinsed

Last night was a delight to behold politically, deep in Pakuranga. I haven’t enjoyed a political meeting like that in quite sometime.

A tin pot dictator got rinsed. It took three hours but the momentum through the night built and built and built and still the dictator tried it on…only in the face of certain defeat did he through in the towel and move to remove the motion from the paper…a gutless cowardly end to a night of even more gutlessness and cowardice from Michael Williams and his band of dupes.

In the end Caesar was in fact stabbed by Brutus, as I predicted.

The evening started by a move of venue. The original venue was too small and was inundated by 5:30pm. Eventually around 200 people showed up to witness a good old-fashioned political shellacking. 

The first order of business in the standing room only hall was the presentation of a petition organised by Jami-lee Ross with 821 signatures supporting Adele White. Jami-lee Ross spoke for ten minutes strongly and forcefully, making several strong points including using Steve Udy’s quote describing Michael Williams as having a Caesar Complex. He finished to a standing ovation after mentioning road safety several times.

Then 12 citizens who had asked to speak, one after the other stood and spoke and all spoke in favour of the work of Adele White, and against the cowardly bullying of Michael Williams and his group of other cowards. They were all very strong speakers and some directly attacked the actions of Michael Williams and Jim Donald.

David Collings added drama by endlessly raising points of order against Michael Williams and eventually proposed a motion to be added to the original motion. He tried to also add a motion to debate the recent news of Michael Williams drunk driving but Williams pals saw that off.

Once debate got to the main motion plus the additional Collings motion it got very testy…several times Williams lost control of the meeting with one particular old dear intent on holding the floor…which she did for lengthy amounts of time. The audience roundly castigated Williams every time he hid behind procedure or tried to bully people into silence. Open mockery was the order of the day, and many placard calling Williams a bully were waved constantly.

Adele White spoke with passion and thanked the hundreds there supporting her. She finished up her speech with an outstanding sledge where she referred to fellow board member Shirley Warren’s previous role as Michael Williams’ play centre teacher. She said she was sorry to tell Mrs Warren that she didn’t do a good job with Mr Williams because “He doesn’t share his toys and he doesn’t play nicely.”

The crowd roared with approval.

Williams, was the only one to speak in support of his motion and used his speaking time to attack other board members focussing on attendance and pointedly attacking Lucy Schwaner for a 27% attendance record…they were trumped up figures of optional meetings, her attendance at required meetings is 75%, he also neglected to mention that during that time her mother had passed away and she had had a baby. It was a scurrilous and cowardly attack that only a bully would make.

The vote came for the Collings amendment which had to be voted on first…and Williams group evaporated, after sitting there most of the night in shame, they ebbed away quietly. The vote for Collings amendment was won 6-3 and then Williams, finally after 3 hours of embarrassment moved a motion to remove the original motion trying to remove Adele White as deputy chair. The vote was passed unanimously and Williams’ play against his deputy chair was over in a stunning defeat.

Jim Donald was the only one who rose to speak and barely did. It couldn’t really be counted as support. All night Michael Williams bullied people, hide behind procedure and when confronted with a howling mob eventually cut and run. He was almost the same as Jim Trott in Vicar of Dibley.

If Michael Williams was an honourable man he would resign today. He failed utterly and has no integrity and no shame.

Go Caesar, go now, before the mob gets angry.


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  • In Vino Veritas

    Outstanding. Karma is a beautiful thing.

  • Captain Crab

    I bet he needed a drink after that (or10 or 12)

  • Dave

    Beautiful to watch it unfold via WOBH and Twitter 10 years ago he would have probably got away with this sort of thing but now thanks to bloggers and social media stories like this spread like wildfire and support builds for people like Adele My research suggests she is the one who should be Chair. I hope she succeeds.

    Message to Mr Williams The community has spoken, you have little or NO support, even your supporters cut and ran. You have clearly demonstrates you are a first class Pratt who bullies others and that you CAN’T work with others on the board.

    As Whale says, resign now you don’t stand a snowflakes chance in hell of getting reelected later this year let alone being chair again……… Of anything Perhaps concentrate on your full time job and hope and pray the CEO or HR director hasn’t been watching how you conduct yourself.

    To jimmy Donald Similarly, your chances of reelection are slim best you resign now as well People in public positions need to demonstrate they can play fair debate the issues and have a spine.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Don’t expect these gutless wonders to do the honorable anything.

  • I’ll add to that. It was a howler of an evening watching what look liked until the very end when Caesar withdrew the motion that MAD was about to happen (if the original motion passed).

    How on God’s Name it got to this on The Howick Local Board last night (out of all places) I be damned.

    I did see Williams and Jim Donald in deep discussion after the meeting last night – would of loved to had a mic there to hear that discussion.

    However the question is can the damage be repaired is is the Local Board now effectively paralysed until the elections in September/October 2013. If it is the latter – then the two Ward Councillors are going to have to step in (don’t ask how) and hold what is left of the ship steady,

    Because as I said in my blog and as someone said last night, the entire Board’s focus should be on the upcoming Unitary Plan spareheaded by Penny Hulse and Len Brown. However if $20,000 just got blown at this special meeting and the Board paralysed then I am sorry but Howick is now at the absolute mercy of Len, Penny and the Main Council…

  • fozzie2

    Another spat in the National Party play pen – yes they don’t play nice – thought the Caesar complex is a requisite for membership !

    • Jester

      Unlike a labour party spat that just drags on and on and on and on. Like a gift that keeps on giving.


      Unlike a labour party spat where everyone assumes the role of Brutus.

    • Gazzaw

      You’ve got a bloody nerve describing it as another spat fozzie but then again life in labour is just one long continual spat. You never know when one stops and another starts. Who’s Brutus this week?

    • You fucking idiot, Adele White is an independent. Michael Williams is/was C&R and I caned him hard for his bully boy tactics…why can’t you make sensible comments?

      You prove time and again what a useless contributor you are.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Now Now Whale, he is right, it was a C&R sponsored coup.

        • Yeah, and how come JLR former C&R councillor, and me, son of the former C&R president, Dick Quax a C&R councillor and a very large number of other C&R members joined in rinsing Michael Williams?

          This was not a C&R sponsored coup…it was a Michael Williams ego sponsored coup and he was very publicly rinsed for it.

          • Mr_Blobby

            “and me” Now Whale. You know and I know that at the end of the day the bottom line is, that you are closet socialist.

      • fozzie2

        Given the full on response to my post – think a nerve was hit … home truths are always the hardest to face ! As mentioned in an earlier post there is more to this that all the postering – still wonder as to who the master organ grinder is… in this barrel of monkeys !

    • StacyMcNaught

      Half armed in a battle of wits again i see fozzie2…

  • ConwayCaptain

    I assume he will be taking his seat in Parliament soon alongside that other local govt BOOZER Williams from the N Shore

  • Mr_Blobby

    $20,000 it cost the ratepayers,people. $20,000, 3 hours latter and a resolution that we should all talk and sort out our differences. Passed unanimously after the dissenters changed there vote.

    That was pretty much it.

    What a travesty and shame on the lot of them.

    Along with fucktard bully boy williams, who at one point threatened to evict a member, when procedure and standing orders were not enough to shut down the debate. Who spent a lot of time getting advice, from some anonymous council noddy.I noted 2 fossils who should have been put out to pasture a long time ago, one of which was the deputy in waiting, 1 lady next to adele who had nothing to contribute and 1 asian guy who like wise had nothing to contribute. The last 2 probably don’t contribute at all.

    The would be usurper hung his head in shame and mumbled his support for the chairman and ran to his wife at the end.

    And indeed the best comment was on the Bully boy in the Chair. “throws his toys out of the sandbox and doesn’t play nicely with others”. Pretty much summed up what a bunch of light weights they really are.

    I very much question the value of having community boards, if that is the best we can come up with. Expensive, inefficient and a complete waste of oxygen.

    In fact do we really need them at all.

    • Hazards001

      ” I very much question the value of having community boards, if that is the best we can come up with. Expensive, inefficient and a complete waste of oxygen.

      In fact do we really need them at all.”

      Couldn’t agree more they should be axed along with the absolutely scandalous unelected Maori Council or whatever it’s called. Rodney Hide has a lot to answer for I’m afraid!

  • peterwn

    I just cannot understand it – you just do not try a putsch unless you have the numbers – he possibly did if the Sun, Moon and stars lined up the right way on the night. Seemed he obtained acquiesence from a few with threats / promises but they buckled under the show of strength from the Adele camp. Anyway a good politician would have seen that coming by Sunday night and organised a quiet backdown with least loss of face.

  • So if the upcoming LGOIMA request (someone filed it yet) does say $20,000 for this meeting which basically was an utter waste of time apart from Williams and Donald getting one of the best round house spankings I (or rather we all) have seen in (local) politics for a while then I take it that was $20,000 from the Local Board’s Budget?

    Hell almighty if it was as I never knew any Local Boards in Auckland having that kind of money to go and blow on something like last night then I know my Local Board (Papakura) and Manurewa Local Board would of loved that $20k to go do something more productive (like err sprucing up Town Centres or a deposit on a community event maybe)

    From the passion of the people there last night and the just on those numbers, that meeting would of been more “productive” in getting Comrade Len, and Dep Mayor Penny along and have a good old fashion “Q&A” where the residents ask questions and the mayor tries and not get err spanked (cue Orakei meeting last year on the Long Term Plan meeting he went for a Q&A session at) on the Unitary Plan (Social Engineering 101)

    But that will now be a lost opportunity

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