A good lesson from Maggie, pay it back twice as hard

Whaleoil’s favourite backbencher Maggie Barry tells it how it is.

When it comes to the dark arts of politics, one piece of advice I received and that I took was that if someone hits you, you hit them back twice as hard. I’ve done that in my first year. I think people have got the message that I’m not going to be bullied and pushed around so hopefully (in 2013) I can relax a bit from that stance.

I wonder who has taught Maggie that rule. It is my personal all time favourite rule of politics. I call it the Double Rule. 

If someone does good by you, you repay that in double, likewise, as Maggie says above, if they do you harm then they get that paid back in double too.

If the evil or the kindness is exception you may increase that ratio to tripple, or quadruple…what ever is appropriate.

It is a good rule to play by.


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  • Hazards001

    It’s a rule I play by in business and in my personal life although I never had anyone to spell it out. I guess to some it just comes natural. And as you say WO it flows both ways. No good being a complete bastard if someone crosses you if you can’t be a total hero when someone does you good!