A good reason to bypass him

Nick Smith is lobbying hard for his reinstatement ‘advising’ the Prime Minister through the media that he thinks his gardening leave should end.

A refreshed Nick Smith says while his time on “gardening leave” has been good in parts, “my advice to the prime minister is ‘the garden is done’.”

If anyone other than a Bill English club member did that they’d have Wayne Eagleson whispering in their ears about how their career could be impacted by their impertinence.

Not only that it appears he has gone around his green taliban mates to get their support. 

Some environmental groups say MP Nick Smith should be reinstated as a minister in a Cabinet reshuffle due on Tuesday.

Prime Minister John Key has indicated Dr Smith will return to a ministerial role.

The reshuffle follows the departure of Speaker Lockwood Smith, who is expected to be replaced by Minister for Primary Industries David Carter.

If ever there was a reason to ignore Nick Smith it is that, but it gets worse…corporate raiders Greenpeace also endorse him:

Greenpeace would welcome Dr Smith’s return.

Spokesman Nathan Argent told NBR ONLINE, “It’s fair to say Nick Smith was a very capable minister. He was the one person [in cabinet] who had a handle on environmental issues.”

Dr Smith understood the complex ETS issue very well.

“We’ve always seen eye to eye with him. He’s the one person we’ve enjoyed one to one contact with; he’s very capable,” Mr Argent said.



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  • Bafacu

    Simple, if Greenpeace endorse him, don’t elect him – let him try getting to the position through the Greens! About time that JK took a good hard look at the calibre of people he has within the caucus and made some rational appointments rather that rewarding the long serving faithful (who may be useless!).

  • thor42

    **Piss off**, Nick Smith. The country doesn’t need your “global warming” fairytale bullshit.
    Get lost and take Hopeless Hekia with you.

  • Dave

    So the headline pre cabinet reshuffle

    Does JK have the balls……

    How big are JK’s balls…….

    Will he take the Scalpel and remove the inept and dead wood, or adopt the slow grind to no where

    Come on John, last role of the dice here time to get tough!!


  • DLM

    Same old same old. Nick Smith should fuck off from politics once and for all… but then again that is all that he’s ever done, so wouldn’t know how to get a real job in the real world.

    Having the Greens and Greenpeace endorse him should send a warning to Key that he is a liability and will pander to green politics which will prevent further economic progress.

    Key needs to bring in new blood from the benches, not use re-treads and has beens.

  • Patrick

    Nick Smith has had so many f&ckups in his career – if he was in the private sector he would only be employed sweeping the floor & emptying the bins. The man is a first class fool.

  • cows4me

    Jk, tell him to hitch is horse next to the Melon patch, useful idiot.

  • disqus_CYaCVLLRTy


    Not reason to panic – Smith nowhere near being a danger and some new blood!