A world without guns?

A reader emails this article and says:

Probably the best piece I’ve read on the gun debate so far – takes a look at both sides.

It is a very good article on the issue of gun control and well worth a read. My favourite part is this explanation about reality for liberal panty-waists:

Like most gun owners, I understand the ethical importance of guns and cannot honestly wish for a world without them. I suspect that sentiment will shock many readers. Wouldn’t any decent person wish for a world without guns? In my view, only someone who doesn’t understand violence could wish for such a world. A world without guns is one in which the most aggressive men can do more or less anything they want. It is a world in which a man with a knife can rape and murder a woman in the presence of a dozen witnesses, and none will find the courage to intervene. 

There have been cases of prison guards (who generally do not carry guns) helplessly standing by as one of their own was stabbed to death by a lone prisoner armed with an improvised blade. The hesitation of bystanders in these situations makes perfect sense—and “diffusion of responsibility” has little to do with it. The fantasies of many martial artists aside, to go unarmed against a person with a knife is to put oneself in very real peril, regardless of one’s training. The same can be said of attacks involving multiple assailants. A world without guns is a world in which no man, not even a member of Seal Team Six, can reasonably expect to prevail over more than one determined attacker at a time. A world without guns, therefore, is one in which the advantages of youth, size, strength, aggression, and sheer numbers are almost always decisive. Who could be nostalgic for such a world?


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  • nasska

    …”Who could be nostalgic for such a world?”…..

    President Obama & the UN for starters.

  • rouppe

    Oh no, nasska, they want guns… They just don’t want anyone else to have them…

  • Philge

    Or… you could could look at the stats for the US where owning a gun increases your chance of being murdered by nearly two fold and increases your chances of committing suicide by 10 times and the risk of killing yourself with a firearm 31 times.

    Actual data http://aje.oxfordjournals.org/content/160/10/929.full

    Appears that gun ownership is really dangerous