About time student loans thieves were targeted

Finally, the government is going to start tracking down student thieves who have absconded without honouring their debt repayments on student loans.

The Government plans to hound student loan holders who have gone overseas leaving big debts behind.

Australian-based borrowers in particular will be targeted, as the Inland Revenue Department increasingly uses legal action or debt collectors to claw back money from the most reluctant payers.

Overseas-based borrowers are responsible for 80 per cent of overdue repayments, which amounted to $418 million in October.?

“It’s fundamentally a fairness issue,” said Revenue Minister Peter Dunne. “There’s a certain sense of annoyance amongst people who stayed in New Zealand and diligently worked to pay off their loans that these freeloaders overseas are, in some cases, getting away with it.”

Since late 2010, IRD has been carrying out a blitz on the 52,000 student-loan debtors overseas.

Mr Dunne said measures would be ramped up to cut the total student debt of $12.9 billion more quickly.

We can see the size of Labour’s student’s loan bribe and the exposure to the economy that the bribe has created.

If I was IRD I would set up a group in-house to create fake profiles on Facebook to friend these scum pretending to be friends from school or work, and then track down where they are…in most instances the fools will already be blabbing to the world on social media site like Facebook, Twitter and Four Square where they eat, drink, root and play.

For instance, I know exactly where David Farrar is, what he is eating, drinking, doing and almost as much about Russell Brown who we now know thinks $12 is too steep for a drink.

IRD simply needs a cyber stalking department to find loan dodgers and then send in the debt collectors. The bottom line is these debtors are simply stealing from taxpayers.