Ad Agency Demise Not Helped by Greenpeace Links

Ad agency Publicis Mojo has gone tits up owing a shed load of dosh to a raft of creditors.

What’s not specifically mentioned is that among its client base was Greenpeace as well as Nestle. I’d like to see how that worked for them considering Greenpeace was savaging Nestle claiming the palm oil they used in Nestle’s Kit Kat brand was destroying Indonesian rainforests.

So, on one hand you had Publicis Mojo running the account for Nestle, blowing Ad-agency smoke up the skirts of Nestle’s marketing bosses, while on the other hand they were helping Greenpeace attack them. 

If you were the marketing boss in companies like Nestle, Sealord, Petrobras, Shell, KFC, Kimberley-Clark, Philips, Unilever, Mattel and many others a good question to ask your ad agency is whether they have Greenpeace as a client. If the answer is yes, then watch out. They are likely to have a crack at you and you will be paying for the privilege of it out of your own pocket.

You have been warned.


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  • tarkwin

    Nothing new here. Ad agency people are just real estate agents that haven’t got their licence yet – trust me I know!

  • stinkeye2

    Anything for a dollar?

  • jt42
    • williamabong

      Doesn’t he look like the sharpest man in town, clever too, looks like he knew exactly when to get out of the company he sold went tits up. Funny that.

      • Gazzaw

        Symptomatic of all thats fucked in our society. Who outside of Grey Lynn really cares?