All about Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors in 5 minutes

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An interesting technology that seems to have merit for the production of low cost, green energy. That of Liquid Fluoride Thorium reactors:

This technology was first investigated at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment in the 1960s. It has recently been the subject of a renewed interest worldwide. Japan, China, the UK, as well as private US, Czech and Australian companies have expressed intent to develop and commercialize the technology.

From the Youtube video below:

The main downsides/negatives to this technology, politics, corrosion and being scared of nuclear radiation. Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors were created 50 years ago by an American chap named Alvin Weinberg, but the American Government realised you can’t weaponise the by-products and so they weren’t interested.

Another point, yes it WAS corrosive, but these tests of this reactor were 50 years ago, our technology has definately improved since then so a leap to create this reactor shouldn’t be too hard.

And nuclear fear is extremely common in the average person, rather irrational though it may be. More people have died from fossil fuels and even hydroelectric power than nuclear power.
I added this video for a project regarding Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors, watch and enjoy. 

No, it would not collapse the economy… just like the use of uranium reactors didn’t… neither did coal… This is because you wouldn’t have an instant transition from coal… oil… everything else to thorium. We could not do that. Simply due to the engineering. Give it 50 years we might be using thorium instead of coal/oil (too late in terms of global warming, but thats another debate completely), but we certainly won’t destroy the earths economy. Duh.

And yes he said we’d never run out. Not strictly true… bloody skeptics … LFTRs can harness 3.5 million Kwh per Kg of thorium! 70 times greater than uranium, 10,000 greater than oil… and there is over 2.6million tonnes of it on earth… Anyone with a calculator, or a brain, will understand that is a lot of energy!!


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  • Huh? I was banging on about Molten Salt Reactors recently in regards to power production for cities, industry, ships and even aircraft.

    Oh well – kudos to ever forwarded the video and description via the tip line :)

    • thor42

      “…whoever forwarded the video…” It was me… :)

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  • Kapow

    The Greens should be all for this great solution to Global Warming.

  • Cometh the need, cometh the technology!

  • cows4me

    Oh indeed but you have forgotten the sea level has rising and we are all drowned and of course we have used all the fossil fuels and my V8 is a spiders home. I really spew about the constant bullshit spun by useless wasting fuckers, insert all the dumb arse populace that swallow the crap put out by the sycophants (msm) and their handlers (NWO), who only promote doom and destruction. The human race has such skills and abilities to solve any problem but what we can’t solve is the love of power, greed, corruption and the belief by those in power that they fucking know everything.