All Karaoke singers should be dunked in a tank of snakes

Only in America!

Watch this woman sing Redneck Woman while swimming with the snakes. Killer Karaoke features contestants challenged to perform their favorite songs in extreme and outrageous circumstances.

Bonus Video: Karaoke singer feeds dogs some nuts 


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  • Travis Poulson

    Lets kick it up a notch, electrodes in the water that are triggered with every bad note, and don’t stop until the singing gets back in tune. If it doesn’t, stiff shit.

    • I’m impressed with the guy with the pitbulls hanging off his nads

  • cows4me

    Some of the wife’s outlaws own a karaoke machine/business, fuck they can sing they don’t really need the stupid machines, I think they were designed with us honky’s in mind. Personally I can turn milk sour so I’m assigned to operate the spoons.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      The spoons, that goes ‘whoosh’ to most city dicks C4M

  • Troy

    Karaoke is so fucking 80’s… what’s worse is some people actually think they sound good. I lived in Asia for a couple of years and visited a karaoke bar just once (at the beginning)… two thoughts came to mind at the time 1. they were on drugs and didn’t realise how stupid they sounded and, 2. they actually paid to be thought of looking and sounding stupid… go figure.