An email from a Reader: Gareth Morgan goes Dalek on moggies

A reader emails about Gareth Morgan:

Is Gareth Morgan turning into a Dalek given his call to ‘exterminate’ all moggies?

Given the grand job Gareth is doing at Phoenix FC, if i were a cat, i’d be all a quiver.

When it comes to extermination, Gareth Morgan seems to have fattened up that penguin as an entrée for a lucky orca or a great white shark.  Yet while cats are a walking meowing killing machine, local ecologist, John Flux, studied his own cat for 17 years and found out that native birds were in fact, the winners.

Sure there was some collateral damage, but his moggy also took out 221 mice, 63 rats, 35 rabbits, 4 hares and even, a couple of weasels. All animals more destructive than a single indolent cat, unless you are into weasels and rats of course, eh Gareth!



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  • Drhill

    Hang on, we have 3 farm cats that patrol our crops / orchard for birds / mice / rabbits etc. They are there to do a job (and they do it well) – less cats = more damaged crops = higher food prices?

    • That is what I thought.

      Yes people might not like cats, but others might not like dogs, and others dont like humans, economic growth and all things advancement. It is called “Such as Life”

      Domestic and from Drhills comment “Working” cats – economic (and social) value

  • John1234

    Also corroborated here:

    As long as cats are keeping the rabbits, rats and stoats down they are helping.

    Muttering Morgan’s attempts to sort out the Phoenix are having the opposite effect. His attempts to help out Happy Feet had the opposite effect. His attempts to help out native birds? You be the judge.

    • Gazzaw

      As a Blues supporter I can’t wait for Morgan to start ‘sorting out’ the Hurricanes.

      • blokeintakapuna

        As a Blues supporter also, I can’t wait for him to sort out the pinko’s!

  • paddles83

    I rolled over laugh from reading the heading on the Herald “Top New
    Zealand economist” Gareth Morgan is launching a campaign to eradicate domestic

    I wasn’t sure if they were talking about the same person Top NZ Economist is that the same one who sold out his poor performing Kiwi Saver Business to Kiwi Bank, enough said just look at what’s happening to the Phoenix since he stuck his nose into training, me
    being a cynic thinks the boys are paying him back.

  • cows4me

    Poor Gareth, sounds like he needs deworming, a saucer of milk, a handful of biscuits and a nice lie down in a sunny spot.

  • sandynobb

    Terry Serepsis still loves pussy – saw him in ‘his’ Jag XK on Courtenay Pl at 5.30 pm. I was driving a real Jag, a 1981 XJS. Maybe Terry took advice from Gareth.