Andrew Sullivan hating on Piers Morgan too, does anyone like him?

Andrew Sullivan takes the cosh to Piers Morgan:

One thing we have never heard on his week-long ratings-seeking descent into Jerry Springer land is any sane, reasonable, calm and credible figure who can marshal facts and arguments against gun control. Don’t get me wrong. I cannot fathom why assault weapons are somehow integral to either hunting or resistance to an Obama-led coup. But I do know that there are intelligent points to be made – about how gun control cannot truly work in a country with as many legal guns as the US, how the country’s history and constitution make it incomparable to a place like Britain, how mass confiscation is impractical and could make matters much worse, etc, etc. 

We absolutely should have this debate – in as reasonable and calm a fashion possible, if only out of some shred of respect to the twenty murdered children in Newtown and their families. Instead we got a rolling freak-show designed entirely for ratings, since Morgan has never actually practised anything but gutter tabloid journalism and once sent an email to a policeman aggrieved by Morgan’s disgusting contempt for the privacy and dignity of anyone in public life: “fame and crime sends most of the usual rules out of the window.” Hence the phone hacking which forced the closure of the newspaper, The News Of The World, he once edited, and his being fired from the second tabloid he edited for publishing fake photographs of supposed prisoner abuse by British soldiers.

If you want to have an idea of the sheer level or hatred and contempt for the man in his native Britain, check out this interview with Ian Hislop, the inspired editor of the British muck-raking and satirical magazine, Private Eye. Because Hislop offended Morgan on a TV show, Morgan put the Mirror on a six-month crusade to try and find every conceivably embarrassing detail of Hislop’s private life, and had photographers camped outside his house:


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  • cows4me

    “does anyone like him, no not I . I’m hardly Gods gift to virtue and polite comment but I’m not trying to convince the masses I’m sane or rational. Morgan is part of the face of CNN and at least could show a little civility . For me he adds to the fears that really all the left are about in the end is gun confiscation. He blindly refuses to except statistics about his liberal home, pommy land, and the disaster gun confiscation has had on it’s people.

  • WayneO

    Piers Morgan is a sack of shit. Hero of the right and champion of the middle class male, Jeremy Clarkson, has had a public feud with him for several years. Morgan took a photo of Clarkson greeting a friend with a kiss (common in England and most other parts of the world) and published it under the sensational headline of “Clarkson has affair.”

    Fair to say when Morgan boarded the final flight of the concorde he found fellow passenger Clarkson not to be very accommodating.

    An utter, utter cunt of a man. I can’t believe he hasn’t been arrested for phone hacking yet as he must have been balls deep in it.

    There was a petition to the US government to remove Piers Morgan from the USA. Clarkson started another one to keep him there. Brilliant stuff.