Another cause for the Greens, deforestation is killing crabs

The Greens are probably the only party in parliament who are actively bucking the deforestation trend and as a consequence protecting ‘forest’ dwelling crabs.

Those ‘forest’ dwelling crabs are at real risk of dying out.

Over the last three million years, the humble parasite Pthirus Pubis, informally known as crabs, has lived quite happily in the short and curlies of the world’s population. Through this time, despite our best efforts to keep them at bay, the relationship between their species and ours became so intertwined that they began to rely on us as their one and only host species.

However, now more than ever they are struggling to survive, as the trends of pubic hair removal sweep the world. 

According to a report from Bloomberg News, a rise in personal waxing procedures means that around 80% of tertiary level students in the US have either none, or very little pubic hair. In Sydney it’s even better, as clinicians are saying that infestations haven’t been reported in women since 2008.

“Pubic grooming has led to a severe depletion of crab louse populations,” entomologist Ian F. Burgess, of the Insect Research & Development Ltd, tells Bloomberg. “Add to that other aspects of body hair depilation, and you can see an environmental disaster in the making for this species.”


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  • maninblack

    Their hordes of feral voters will be keeping the crab species alive.

  • Honcho

    I think its good news, now if we can only get these ‘new-age’ parents to immunise their children, we might also wipe out measles and whooping cough in NZ