Another Labour hypocrite

Another hypocrite can be revealed.

The Labour party constantly harps on about foreign ownership of banks, especially Australian Banks. All the while sitting on the opposition benches is a director of a foreign bank, the Bank of Baroda.

Dr Rajen Prasad.


It isn’t like he is hiding it either…it is plastered all over his LinkedIn profile proudly and his Wikipedia page and the MPs register of pecuniary interests

Labour like to point out potential conflicts of interest, and so I find this one rather interesting considering they had theor own inquiry into banking and have made constant attacks on foreign investment and foreign banks.

It seems that once again Labour and their spokespeople are caught out. Aussie banks are supposedly bad but Indian owned banks are just fine by Labour.


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  • Reminds me of Jim Anderton – the inventor of Kiwibank who also harped on foreign banks. Didn’t he own shares in the Australian Commonwealth Bank?

    • Dave

      The Aussie banks are fucking us though……

      • Dave

        I am a hard core national supporter but kiwi bank was and is a good idea, does not make up for all andertons other mistakes though

        • Alsh

          There are other NZ owned banks that are not subsidised by tax payers TSB, SBS and Co-op Bank. They all rate better than Kiwi Bank for service. Government should not own a bank and it should be sold and the funds used for something useful.

          • Dave

            Kiwi bank has made a profit, the growth curve it is on can only be good for us all.

            The other kiwi banks lacked the distribution offered by nzpost.

          • Alsh

            Yes life is easy if you are subsidised and supported by the government the other banks have to do it the hard way. My belief is that banking is not a core government business.

  • In Vino Veritas

    I wonder if Prasad’s performance as a Director of Baroda is as abjectly inept as his performance as an MP?

    • cows4me

      Dead right IVV and why the hell would you advertise you had been on the families commission, be like saying you had a dose of pox a few years ago.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I am impressed that a foreign bank is stupid enough to hire a waste of space guy as its director……