Argies might talk tough, but Poms do tough

David Cameron is manning up against the Argies:

Britain is prepared to defend the Falkland Islands with military force if Argentina launched another invasion, David Cameron has said.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, the Prime Minister said troops would be deployed in the event of another attempt by Buenos Aires to re-take the islands.

He made the UK’s “extremely strong” position clear after Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the Argentine president, renewed her accusations that the islands were stolen by Britain.

In an escalation of aggressive rhetoric, she took out advertisements in British newspapers claiming that the islands were forcibly stripped from Argentina in “a blatant exercise of 19th century colonialism”.

Her position has hardened since last year’s 10 year anniversary of the Falklands War and the discovery of potential oil resources off the coast of the islands.

Mr Cameron this morning said he would fight to keep the Falklands in the same way Margaret Thatcher launched forces to protect the islanders in 1982.

Asked if Britain would defend the islands, he replied: “Of course we would and we have strong defences in place on the Falkland islands, that is absolutely key, that we have fast jets stationed there, we have troops stationed on the Falklands.

Cameron needs to park a couple of Astute Class subs in and around the vicinity of Buenos Aires.

They might not have access to aircraft carriers at the moment, but the Astute Class and Vanguard Class subs have plenty of firepower between them.

Add on the fact that the Pom’s troops are battle hardened after more than 10 years in Iraq and Afghanistan while the Argies have sat making their arse larger and practising marching backwards:



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  • thor42

    Good stuff!

    A wee typo with the Telegraph article – the “10 year anniversary” should (of course) be 30 (given that the war was in 1982).

  • Mr_Blobby

    1. I still say it is more to do with the potential resources than the islanders.

    2. Read an article where a argentine navel vessel was impounded at the request of a creditor who insisted on being paid a large sum of money owed by the Argentine Government.

    Note to Government this is what eventually happens when you mortgage the country to cover ongoing deficits.

    • AnonWgtn

      Part of the original war was that the Falkland Islands controlled surveillance of who passed through the Drake Passage, whose water was deep enough to allow the major nations submarines to passage betwen the Atlantic and Pacific undetected.
      The Soviet Union may have had some play in Argentine in this direction, as they did not want anybody to know where their big submarines went.
      Now it is Oil, which has always been known to be there.

  • Lofty

    I am personal friends with 2 ex servicemen who served in the Falklands, one a para who was In the battle of Goose Green,and the other a Gurkha comms expert.
    They advise me that preparations are well underway in their humble opinions.

  • ConwayCaptain

    What the Brits have now that they didnt in ’82 are Tomahawk cruise missiles on the Astute and Trafalgar class subs.
    When they invaded in 82 the Bootnecks gave them a run for their money before being told to surrender by the Govenor. They came back as an extra company with one of the RM Commandos.
    If the Argies tried and a fleet set sail then El Presidente del Botox might find a Tomahawk coming through her fronmt window.
    However they wont try as their arm and other forces are run down. They have cut their noses off to spite their faces as cruise liners are now not going to Argenntine ports. El Botox has hired a Brit plane for her tour in Asia as they are worried that Tango One will bne impounded overseas.
    It just needs the IMF to step in and CFK and her party will collapse like a pack of cards.

    • Lofty

      I am not so sure it is as easy as that cap’n but I get the gist.

  • Michael

    Send the subs to the South Atlantic, when the Argie fleet hits international waters during a patrol or exercise suddenly broach about 1km away. Will send a message that won’t be forgotten by the Argie sailors – if your pollies want the Falklands by force then they want you dead.