Audrey still Young at heart

A reader emails about Audrey Young’s article in the Herald yesterday:

Did you spot Audrey Young’s howler in this morning’s Herald?

In her interview with back-bencher Eugenie Sage she informed us that the novels Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies (well worth reading I might add) were about Oliver Cromwell. 

They are, of course, about Henry VIII’s chief minister THOMAS Cromwell. If she’d actually read the books she would’ve known that.

You’d think a well read old boiler like Audrey wouldn’t have fallen for the pseudo-intellectual clap-trap from a green taliban bullshit artist, that is a cub reporters error which shows I guess that Audrey is still young at heart.

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  • Lofty

    And to think the this vacant airhead could possibly form part of the govrning body of NZ.

    God help us.

    She says she will PROBABLY submit a members bill on the protection of the long finned eel…OMG spare me.

    • Apolonia

      To protect it from gay men?

  • williamabong

    Sage is certainly one to watch, her dedication to the Green Taliban is frightening, scary to think we could see this unelected fruit loop sitting on the treasury benches.
    After all the performance by Mathers over the deaf thing, no one has heard from either of these freaks all year, but you can bet both of them are slithering away behind the scenes.

    • Dion

      What did you expect from a failed Canterbury Regional councillor?

  • Hazards001

    Ahhhh yes….the troughers…gotta love ’em….hehehe…shoulda copy/pasted :)

  • From that article. “Do you have a bill in the private members’ bill ballot?
    No, but I am going to draft one probably on the protection of long-finned eels.”

    Where would we be without the greens and their ilk? Mars and back.