Awesome tackle…tougher than League?

Jadeveon Clowney with a huge hit on Vincent Smith to force a fumble.

That surely had to hurt…waiting now for liberal panty waists to decry Football as too violent and call for its banning.

Are these guys tougher than Leaguies…or does all that safety gear just make them big blouses who can hit hard because it won;t really hurt?






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  • Refn8tor

    Not a particularly tough tackle. Smith was surprised, but still knew which way to look as he went down, and as soon as Clowney got off him he rolled over and got up. If Kaino, Collins or SBW’s shoulder had put the bash on him, he’d still be lying there.

  • Mitch82

    I was gonna flick a link of this yesterday, some of the tweets that came afterwards were priceless:

    Slideshow down the page a little.

    “@drewhanson7 – I think Chuck Norris just ordered a Clowney #7 jersey”

  • Bunswalla

    Glad you enjoyed it. I’m no liberal panty-waist but head shots, and particularly head-on-head tackles,carry huge risk of trauma. The NFL (and NRL in Australia) are starting to wake up to the incredible damage caused by shots to the head. Seeing someone’s helmet fly 10 metres in the air is not my idea of sport.

    Since someone mentioned the Huffington Post, check out an article they published earlier in 2012:

  • island time

    Was it not a former US president that demanded that the sport of Rugby be made safer which with rule changes evolved into what is now NFL?

    • Morrissey

      Not quite right. President Theodore Roosevelt was so concerned about the carnage in college football (plays like the infamous “flying wedge” had been banned but many players were still getting killed and grievously injured) that he threatened to ban the sport unless significant changes were made. In fact, the University of California at Berkeley actually did ban American football for a while, and they played rugby instead. It is still one of the powers of Rugby football in the U.S. today.

      You can read something about the late great Flying wedge here….

      And about Teddy Roosevelt’s threat to ban the game unless it was made safer….

  • Hagues

    Nothing in that hit you don’t see a dozen times in a game of rugby or league – well except for all the protective gear of course. The “football” players are so soft that when a punt goes up you can wave your hand indicating a “fair catch” in which nobody is allowed to keep running at you and you get an un-apposed opportunity to catch the ball. No chance of somebody timing their run to smash you a moment after you take the catch, even with all your safety gear.